GNU Emacs dev, Richard Stallman, Personality Cult

got a email from gnu emacs bug people about a bug being fixed.

the bug was filed 2 years ago, and was fixed 1 year ago. See: Source

i've filed perhaps 40 in the past. Perhaps 10 are taken and fixed.

in general, got no thanks, no appreciation. This isn't just me. I've been involved with GNU Emacs dev (casually) for 5 years now. I've seen and read enough to know. Many developers who contributed far more to emacs, with code and packages, are treated like that. Under communism, of the FSF branch, you are just a node for the good of all. The people who got thanked, perhaps the only person, is Richard Stallman. Nobody else. His communism ideology made it that way. He's now a Cult of personality.

am pretty tired Richard Stallman and his leadership.

am not likely to send any bug reports or anything anymore.

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