Steve Yegge's Google Platforms Rant

this article is starting to circulate wildly. It's related to google, amazon, microsoft, tech start ups, engineering, vision.

〈Steve Yegge's Google Platforms Rant〉 @

Steve Yegge is a programer at Google, well-known to public due to his blog. The article is his opinion and criticism about how Google is not a platform and how it should be.

By the way, for you programers out there, Yegge is a well-known emacs and lisp fan from his infamous blog. His articles tend to be verbose and meandering and long, but always very thoughtful. He is also a expert at Java, Javascript, perl, python, ruby, lisp, among others. Of his emacs work, he has implemented a advanced javascript mode called “js2-mode”, which features real-time syntax validation. It's about 10k elisp lines, which includes a javascript parser. He has also written, a separate but abandoned project, called “ejacs”, which is a javascript interpreter implemented in emacs lisp. Also ~10k lines. See:

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