Ergonomic Keyboards: Microsoft 4000 vs Natural Elite

Yesterday, people on Hacker News site are discussing ergonomic keyboards. (Source Seems all are recommending the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (review).

I also love that keyboard. Used it for 2 years. Unfortunately, the stiff Spacebar is causing me hand problems. I spend 2 days trying to fix the spacebar. First by trying to remove the metal bar underneath, then tried to bend the metal, then tried to put lubricant in the key hole, then tried lengthen the poke, then tried to break the metal bar holder, then tried to trim the cylinder-poke's sides, then file it, and eventually cutting it out altogether. Ends up with a broken spacebar and nothing worked. (by the way, there's a blog on the web trying to tell you how to fix it. They don't work. It should be fixable though, if you are a tinkerer and lots tools and odd spare parts for spontaneous invention.) So i've switched back to Microsoft's earlier ergonomic model.

ergonomic posture laptop ergonomic posture

By the way, i've read extensively on the web about anything RSI since 1990 (before the web, it's mostly books about typing in libraries). Sometimes i thought perhaps i can do a summary, but, it turns out, i can't. The situation is too diverse, too complex. Causes of RSI are different for everyone. The only summary i could give, is to follow the general ergonomic advices. Namely:

More tips from my experience.

Thanks to Jon Snader for the tip.

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