never date a girl who wears a choker

Have you heard this ghost story? The guy met a ravishingly beautiful girl, slept with her, then next day, waking up, she's not moving. When he unclasped the band-styled necklace she's wearing, her head rolled off on the floor?

Moral: never date a girl who wears a chocker.

The Adventure of the German Student by Washington Irving, 1824.

and, check out on Google Map the places where the public execution by guillotine was.

PS is there a name for the style of necklace that covers around the neck? Collar-styled necklace?

am looking for the correct word, e.g. the term used among necklace merchants, fashion critics, or among Haute Couture community.

For this Halloween, thou shall read horror! My other favorite is: The Masque of the Red Death , by Edgar Allan Poe, 1842.

Remember to have a dictionary installed in your browser so you can lookup words freely. See: Online English Dictionary Tools.

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