Review of ErgoEmacs by Joseph Buchignani

Joseph Buchignani wrote a review of ErgoEmacs, at: Source Check it out!

Besides some praises, he also listed several items he believed to be bad. He made many excellent points. Some of his points are due to him being a experienced emacs user, but some are still good points. I think we will follow up about half of his points in next release. Here's a list that is now fixed:

  • math-symbol-input-mode (alias of xmsi-mode) will be off by default. Also, a menu will be added to toggle it.
  • Dired recursive load problem will be fixed as he described.

For org-mode, the only customization in ErgoEmacs is (add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'soft-wrap-lines). What the soft-wrap-lines function do is to set “truncate-lines” to false and “word-wrap” to true. Otherwise, long lines will disappear into the right window border. Am not sure this is a good thing. Has newer org-mode changed this behavior?

Also, emacs 24 beta is out, and people are saying it's pretty stable. So, next release will probably be based on emacs 24.

Thanks to Joseph. Check out his review linked above.

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