thank you from Xah Lee

I want to write a quick Thank You to those of you who read my emacs blog, and also to many who have donated.

Reminder: it's preferred that you post questions as comments to my blog or website, because it gets seen by many, also better for my blog because people can see interaction. My email is often flooded, though i try to reply to all.

Also thank you for those who have donated, or bought my emacs tutorial. I haven't had a chance to update my Donor List. There is one person, Aigerim, who bought my entire website (for offline reading) for $100. Thank you Aigerim so much!

Am writing this quickly, been wanting to write it for a couple of weeks now. Wanted to mention all names but big plan always results in no action.

I want to thank those who retweeted my emacs tutorials, linked to my site, those who commented on my articles, or exchanged emails, and also those on Facebook and g+. I'm not much a social person, not much into chitchat, and don't like to follow marketing strategies on “establishing communities” or such, but i appreciate many discussions and support. Lew Perin recently sent me a printed pamphlet “Emacs Quick Ref”, of 3 leaflets, that was from 1984 of MIT's Project Athena. Thank you Lew for such a treasure. I hope to take a photo of it and show it to all soon.

On last note, my annual income is about USD$2.5k for the past few years. (or ~$200/month.) So, your donation is appreciated, or, Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial. As far as i know, no emacs book covers elisp as much except GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual. With your donation, i'd be able to write a complete cookbook, covering topics such as full controlling GUI elements (windows, frames, menu), text highlighting, emacs input system, display system, IO system, etc, and always with a little practical application you can use right away.

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