Unicode: W3C Proposed Icons {Image, Video, Sound File, Trash, Keyboard, Mouse, …}

Image file icon, video icon, mouse icon, trash bin icon …

film movie audio sound1 sound2 image1 image2 image3 generic document notebook a text text document compressed compressed document binary binary document binhex binhex document unknown unknown document uuencoded uuencoded document comp.blue comp.gray clock trash filing cabinet display printer keyboard mouse cd i cd rom fixed disk disk drive diskette calculator camera telephone fax network folder.open folder folder2 mail mail in mail out html form home toc index index2 glossary summary parent previous next back forward play-stop play-start play-pause play-fast-reverse play-fast-forward map archive new burst caution alert.black alert.red stop work work2 sadsmiley smiley telnet tn3270 transfer ftp gopher www

For full detail and some unicode equivalents, see: http://xahlee.org/comp/unicode_w3c_icons.html

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