Total Eclipse of the Heart, parody,

“Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version (REFRAMED)”, by David A Scott (aka dascottjr).

If you have a eye for humanity, language, art, then you'll note quite a few things.

  • The original music video is done as a arthouse film. Top quality directing and imagination. Very rare today.
  • The song is about a woman's loneliness and fantasy of sex with boys. A taboo topic in today's USA.
  • The video shows masculine beauty. All the pretty boys. And the swim team, karate, fencing, football, gymnasts. She is the only women in the film.
  • Go thru and understand all the slangs, allusions, references, in the parody version. Parodies, and comics, usually captures the real world observations, pop culture, as they are, because in order to make people laugh, you have to be real. (as opposed to what academicians, politicians, activists, or grammarians, want to tell you about feminism, language, etc.)
  • The parody version has several slangs. “effing” = fucking. Also, there's “felt me up” and “weirded out”. I think they started as teen girl slangs. If you know the history of these, please tell.

for the full Xah experience, see: Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart.

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