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Boobs: Good vs Bad

Perm url with updates: Good vs BadSide with the Alliance of Light Or Choose the Union of Fury I wanna be where the boobs are.Full poster. The company's site is Linux Mac Windows PerceptionMicrosoft Linux AdFunny Banner AdsPostures of Female and Male

Wordy-English a-word-a-day is back

Am re-starting my wordy-english word-a-day. From 2004-11 to 2008-10, it ran on yahoo mailing list at But now, the new address is This way, you can subscribe as blog and read it whenever you like, or you can subscribe by mail.You can see archive of about 5 thousand words with usage here: English Vocabulary. Everyday, i'll pull a word there and post.Please subscribe! Thank you.

Seduction Community

Perm url with updates: Community as Social EngineeringXah Lee, 2011-01-08There is a subculture community that practices seducing women, as a art form. (see: Seduction community.) That is, their sole goal in this practice, is to get women to bed, and they practice it much like a professional skill, much as you take tennis or writing or mastery of any vocational skill. You learn the basic skills, methods, practice, discuss with fellow practitioners, check and recheck your errors, refine your strategy, thru tireless daily practice, tens or hundred times per week. For example, issues on your own dress code. Your opening line. Judgment on which women is “open” at a glance (thru her dress, looks, body language), when to dig in, etc. Certainly, this is a very interesting activity, falling into the general category of marketing, persuasion, psychology, mating game. Some people, are natural at this. Often, they are …

Browsers default line-height change

Sometime in the past 2 years, browsers have changed their default height between lines. For example, before, i have this in css to make paragraphs more readable:p {line-height:140%} Without that, the lines will be tightly placed together and hard to read. But now, you can take it out. All browsers of current versions, including IE8, do fine.

Underscore.js javascript Library for functional programing

“Underscore.js” is a javascript library that provides a set of functional programing functions. It saves you time writing them or writing massive number of lines in imperative way such as loops, etc.For example, it has these functions on lists: map, reduce, select, max, min, sortBy, sortedIndex, first, rest, last, compact, flatten, without, uniq, intersect, indexOf, lastIndexOf, range.Pretty simple to use. Home page at: also: Functional Programing in Javascript.

Opera Turbo Speeds Up Browsing?

Opera Turbo Speeds Up Browsing?Discovered a feature in Opera 10, the “Opera Turbo”. Basically, it's a feature that makes web browsing faster when using a slow connection. Such claim always piques me, because ultimately such thing is simply impossible. Many tools or plugin claims it are just malware or wrapper-ware that sucks your money. So, how exactly Opera Turbo works? It turns out, it's basically a proxy service feature. If you turn the feature on, and when browsing some slow website, opera browser will past request to a Opera company's server instead, and the Opera Server makes the request to the site you are visting, then, it compress the data then send that back to your browser.In other words, it's a proxy service, a middleman. So, yes it does make it faster sometimes (assuming that the site you visit doesn't already do compression). The interesting implication is that: ① Opera the company would know the sites you visit. ② you could use it to visit sites tha…

What's the Latest and Greatest in Calculators?

Perm url with updates:'s the Latest and Greatest in Calculators?Xah Lee, 2011-01-07Am a fan of calculators. My fond memory is HP-28S that i bought in ~1991 for some ~$250 USD, and wrote my first program to solve the 8-queens problem without knowing anything about computer science or programing. I also wrote a large program to play any musical chords and scales. See: HP-28S Advanced Scientific Calculator.But that calculator is basically my last one as well. Mathematica and computer took over. Since the HP-28, the next generation the HP-48 came along, but i never got into it (and am out of college as well). However, now and then i look at the calculator scene as a arm-chair philosopher. Checking their current capabilities, their design, placement of buttons, symbols on the keys, user interface, and muse over the issues of tech advance, education, futurism.Casio fx-85wa. Source The only calc i currently own, but basically…

jQuery Tutorial: Selectors

Perm url with updates: Tutorial: SelectorsXah Lee, 2010-11-12This page is a tutorial on jQuery's selectors. If you don't know the basics, see: jQuery Basics Tutorial.Getting Elements You WantHere's a most basic example of getting a element and do something with it.// make all paragraphs red $("p").css("color","red"); jQuery SelectorsSelect by tag// make all “p” tag elements red $("p").css("color","red"); Test yourself: jQuery Select By Tag ExampleSelect by ID// make element of id “xyz” red $("#xyz").css("color","red"); Test yourself: jQuery Select By ID ExampleSelect by Class Value// make element of class “xyz” red $("[class='xyz']").css("color","red"); Test yourself: jQuery Select By Class Value ExampleSelect by Matching Any Attribute and Valuejq can select any tag attribute matching their value in…

Waiting for HTML5 to kill Flash?

Nice blog from Google:〈Flash and the HTML5 <video> tag〉 (2010-06-29) Source's pretty short. But if you want one-sentence summery, the moral is this: for HTML5 and browser tech to catch up with Adobe Flash's features for PRACTICAL needs today , it might take a few years.See also:HTML5 Video and Audio TagIntro to Video Streaming and Video Audio CodecsHow to Embed Video with Valid HTMLHow to View Comments in JPEG, PNG, MP3 files? (ExifTool Tutorial)Software for Video Capture and ScreencastingUsing iframe to Embed Youtube Videos

Bagua Kung Fu Videos

Perm url with updates: Kung Fu VideosXah Lee, 2011-01-05Bagua circle walking “Bagua fight scene”. Short display of Bagua techniques and variations. “Baguazhang for police”. Showing one practical technique. “Bagua Jiulong Heaven Palm Basic Applications”. Techniques to defend from front 2-handed grab, bear hug from back. Kung Fu and Martial Arts Video GameMike Tyson vs James DouglasKung Fu Movies

What Are Some Quality Properties of Computer Language Syntax?

Perm url with updates: Are Some Quality Properties of Computer Language Syntax?Xah Lee, 2008-07, 2011-01You say that lisp syntax irregularities “reduce such syntax's power”. What you mean by “syntax's power”?Here are some concrete examples of what i mean by power of syntax.In many languages, such as Perl, they have comment syntax of a special char running to end of line. For example, in Perl, Python, Ruby, Bash, Windows Powershell, the special char is “#”. Note that this does not allow nested comment. So for example, if you have multi-line code, and you want to comment out them all, you have to pre-pend each line by the comment char. However, if you have block comment syntax, one could just bracket the block of code to comment it out. Of course, these langs may also have block comment syntax, and even if not, programing text editors often have features to add the comment char to a block of lines. However, in the context of …

What's the Most Readable Computer Language Syntax?

Perm url with updates:'s the Most Readable Computer Language Syntax?Xah Lee, 2011-01-05On 2010-12-31, girosenth <> wrote: How to improve the readability of (any) LISP or any highlevel functional language to the level of FORTH ? There are many people who have trivia complaints about parens in lisp, but I dont. LISP is a prefix notation. Please don't call it “prefix”, because that's misleading. Call it “nested notation” would be a practical term and not incorrect.When you say “prefix” or “postfix” notation, implied in the word is the use of operators with implied ordering between the operator and adjacent symbols (operands).Lisp syntax does not use operators, or rather, it primarily uses just one single operator (the match-fix parenthesis). And as a match-fix operator, the word “pre-fix” is misleading because that word is primarily for operators used in a linear (none nested) way.…

Ultimate Keyboard Layout

Perm url with updates: Xah Keyboard LayoutXah Lee, 2011-01-04Xah's keyboard layout, draft, version 0.2. FeaturesLetter key arrangement based on Dvorak Keyboard Layout.Key location are primarily based on the map between key's usage frequency and location comfort, with as much scientific evidence as possible.Caps Lock, Num Lock are eliminated.No obsolete keys such as Pause/Break, SysRq, ScrLk, Insert.One single keypress for frequently used operations: Copy, Paste, Undo, Open, New, etc.Rotary knob for instantaneous sound level control. No need to press Volume Up key 10 times or take several seconds to hold it down.Rotary knob for sound level eliminates the need for a extra Mute button.No keys for Sleep, Log Off, Power On/Off, that are confusing and never used or used at most few times a day.Keys for numbers arranged in a square in the middle. No need to hold Shift key. No need to turn on Num Lock. Faster touch-type numer…

The Idiocy of Computer Language Docs

Perm url with updates: Idiocy of Computer Language DocsXah Lee, 2011-01-03Worked with Mathematica for a whole day yesterday, after about 10 years hiatus. Very nice. Mathematica lang and doc, is quite unique. Most other langs drivel with jargons, pettiness, comp-sci pretentiousness, while their content is mathematically garbage. (unixism mumble jumple (perl, unix), or “proper”-engineering OOP fantasy (java), or impractical and ivory-tower adacemician idiocy as in Scheme & Haskell ( currying, tail recursion, closure, call-cc, lisp1 lisp2, and monad monad monad!)) (See: What are OOP's Jargons and ComplexitiesLanguage, Purity, Cult, and Deception.) Mathematica, in its doc, is plain and simple. None of the jargon and pretention shit. Very easy to understand. Yet, some of its function's technical aspects are far more scholarly abstruse than any other lang (dealing with advanced math special functions that typically only a fe…

Python doc url disappearance

Perm url with updates: Doc URL disappearanceXah Lee, 2011-01-04Python Doc URL Disappearance.In my Perl and Python Tutorial, i have about 50 links to documentations at For example, about 15 url have this form: 〔〕 and about another 15 has this form: 〔〕. As of today, all these links are 404 errors. No redirect nor any measure to tell user how to find that file.I truely hate sites that do not take consideration of url permanence. This has also happened to FSF. See: A Record of Frustration in IT Industry; Disappearing FSF URLs.Link maintenance many not be easy for sites with large number of files, such as documentation. But site owners should at least be considerate of this issue. It's not too difficult to maintain permanent links. There are many solutions, such as redirects (Apache server url rewrite, html refresh tag, fi…

what's the difference between AppData/Roaming/ and AppData/Local/ ?

On Windows, what's the difference between 〔AppData/Roaming/〕 and 〔AppData/Local/〕?Basically, the “Roaming” dir is for useful user data, and the “Local” one is for data like cache. Things in Roaming dir might be synced with a server so the data is available to user on different machines.The “AppData” dir is introduced with Windows Vista, and used in Windows 7 too. In XP, it just have “Application Data” dir. On Vista and later, any write to “Application Data” automatically goes to “AppData/Roaming/”.〈Managing Roaming User Data Deployment Guide〉 Source