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Unicode 6 Emoticons

Perm url with updates: 6 EmoticonsXah Lee, 2011-01-28Unicode version 6 is released in 2010-10. This version adds 2088 chars. One thing interesting is that it adds about 608 emoticons, with names such as GRINNING CAT FACE WITH SMILING EYES 😸. You can see them at: U60-1F600.pdf.Unicode 6's emoji (Japanese emoticons) Apparently, emoticons are widely used in Japan in mobile phones, and it's called Emoji. There's a FAQ about it here: Emoji and Dingbats @ emoji dingbats.See also Emoticons for history and rich variations.Unicode 6 is nice in that it added many symbols i was looking for but unable to find. I think the following are all from Unicode 6:ok, thumb up, thumb down, fist πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž πŸ‘ŠFOUR LEAF CLOVER•πŸ€MAPLE LEAF•πŸSKULL•πŸ’€BROKEN HEART•πŸ’”HEART WITH ARROW•πŸ’˜ELECTRIC LIGHT BULB•πŸ’‘STATUE OF LIBERTY•πŸ—½ fast forward rewind fast upward fast downward fast forward to end rewind to end play/stop The official…

make emacs understand Unicode 6

There are these unicode symbols πŸ‘Œ #x1f44c OK HAND SIGNπŸ‘ #x1f44d THUMBS UP SIGNπŸ‘Ž #x1f44e THUMBS DOWN SIGNwhen calling describe-char on them, it doesn't give their names. Is this a bug?That's because these chars are from Unicode version 6, released in 2010-10.Unicode 6 added 2088 chars. I don't think there are any fonts that support them yet. However, if you do unicode work, you can add char info to emacs so that “describe-char” will give you all the char's info. You need to download a text file 〔UnicodeData.txt〕. For detail, see: Emacs and Unicode Tips.(thanks to Jason Rumney and Klaus Straubinger. Source also: Unicode 6 Emoticons.

Mouse Wheel: Smooth Scroll vs Notched Scroll

Perm url with updates: Wheel: Smooth Scroll vs Notched ScrollXah Lee, 2011-01-28You know how some mouse's scroll wheel is smooth? For example, most of Microsoft's mouses are smooth scroll. Put your middle finger on it, move your finger forward and backward, and the resistance does not vary — smooth rolling.However, there's another type that's popular in gaming mouses — a notched scrolling mechanism. The wheel's physical shape and appearance is still smooth, but the rolling mechanism has notches built-in. When you roll it, about every 1/18 turn of the wheel (20°), it has a “stop”.I have both. I've been using 2 mouses, one for each hand, since about 1994. Sometimes i use the left mouse (with left hand), sometimes i use the right mouse (with right hand), whichever is convenient at the moment.“Microsoft Sidewinder X3” amazon Currently, my left mouse is “Microsoft SideWinder X3 Mouse”. (wired) amazon. My r…

What percentage has javascript turned off?

What's the percentage of web browsers with javascript turned off?That's a hard question to answer. Google Webmaster Tools doesn't have it. Google Analytics doesn't answer it. Web statistics sites don't have the info. Because, it's something you have to specifically design a test to know the answer. Searching the web usally gives you anecdotal answers too, but i found one good source:How many users have JavaScript disabled? (2010-10-13) By Nicholas C Zakas. @ Source short, it's about 1% to 2%.

Demand Media Content Farm

Wondering why Google Search is getting worse and why there's so much lousy written crap on the web? Thanks to, Demand Media. They are content farms. Hire cheap writers, pay them some like $15 for few hundred words, then spam the web. Churning out 5k articles per day. What are some of their sites? , , , , , , , , … Demand Media's Planet of the Algorithms “Fresh off its IPO, Demand Media is blanketing the Web with answers to millions of questions you didn't know you had. Is that a business?” (2011-01-26) By Felix Gillette. Source

new edition of Tilings and Patterns book

Looks like a great out of print book Tiling and Patterns (1986) By Branko GrunbaΓΌm and G C Shaphard, is being republished by Dover. amazonI'd say this is best math book i've ever read. (technically, i'd put this book in one of the top 10 i've read, because there are quite a lot good math books on various topics and written with different style for different audiences.)below is some very old articles i wrote, about the book and other math books.Reading Notes on Tilings and PatternsTop Ten Math BooksI worked intensively on tilings for about a year in around ~1997. The most mathematical is: The Discontinuous Groups of Rotation and Translation in the Plane, which are linked a lot. It is basically my own learning notes. All images are generated by Mathematica, a package i wrote: Plane Tiling Mathematica Package. I'll be updating it from Mathematica v3 to v7 in next few days. At the time, i wanted to create a most versatile software that generates any type of tilings, de…

Theodore Gray, on ebook

Perm url with updates: Gray, on ebookXah Lee, 2011-01-26Theodore Gray, co-founder of Wolfram Research, gives a extremely interesting point of view about electoric books. The video is 33 minutes long, but worth every minute of it.Theodore Gray, Wolfram Research - Learning Without Frontiers In first 15 or so min of the vid, he discusses some of his experiences in producing ebook in early 1990s, and also his widely popular project about building a actual wooden table containing all elements in the periodic table. See his websites here: It's enjoyable to see him talk. He's always very funny. His remarks on the exorbitant prices of text books today also hits the spot.In later half of the vid, his talk gradually ascended onto the issues of education, electronic books, publishing, and the impact of iPad, ebook's future.A most enjoyable talk to listen to. Neal Stephenson at Google…

xahlee.blogger vs

latest articles from past few days.How to Delete Flash CookiesJavascript/DOM: insertAfter a ElementCookies, Super Cookies, & Your Privacynot sure it makes much sense to keep mirroring my articles here.the original motivation to have a blog on blogger instead of just on is partly a experimentation. Because blogger is mainstream blogging and as such it provides many nice features, such as vote widget, and thousands others... basically, you don't need to know even html to have all these features and formats, and you get traffic analysis and everything. while, my site is manually crafted with emacs with bunch of other tools in Perl,Python, rsync... it's actually faster to write stuff in my home cooked system. But for everything i haven't done or written code before, i can't do it till i took days to look into it and come up with a solution.for example, the web feed. With blogger, it's brainless, already there. You don't have to do anything an…

emacs org-mode open in expanded view

If you use org mode, you can set it to not open files in folded view. Put the following in your “.emacs”: (setq org-startup-folded nil ) I find this useful because when i do interactive find and replace on multiple files, if the org mode files open in folded view, you won't see what's being replaced.If you prefer to open org mode files in folded view, one solution is to temporarily set the variable org-startup-folded to nil before you do find&Replace in a dir. Just call “set-variable”.Writing Outline with Emacs (org mode tutorial)Using Emacs's Bookmark FeatureUsing Emacs's Abbrev Mode for Abbreviation

China owns the fastest computer

China Built the World's Fastest ComputerYou hear China being on the rise in the past few years right? But i'm totally taken back now.The world's fastest super computer is from china now. See: China Owns the Fastest Supercomputer …Now What? (video) @ Source “China Has World's Fastest Supercomputer” Here's Wikipedia listing of fastest computer: Fastest computer. Funny that they all run Linux. LOL.Also on the news is that china also built the “longest bridge”. See: China Completes World’s Longest Bridge – More than 26 Miles! (2011-01-18) @ Source Here's Wikipedia article: List of longest bridges in the world.

Swap Mouse Buttons: Right-Click and Middle Click

Perm url with updates: Mouse Buttons: Right-Click and Middle ClickXah Lee, 2011-01-23Another input device productivity tip: Swap your right button and middle button's actions.“Razer Naga MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse” amazon (See: Best Mouse for Programers and AutoHotkey Keyboard Macros.) Why you should Swap Right-Click and Middle-ClickWhy? The right-click action is not much used, and middle-click is much useful. And right button is much easier to press than pressing the mouse wheel.The right-click almost always activates a context menu. For majority of people, that's mostly used in browser, and not very often.The mouse wheel button by default does several more useful things in all major browsers:Click on a link to open it in new tab.Click on a tab to close it. (no need to aim for that little X.)Click on a empty spot to start auto-scroll. Useful for fast scroll (faster than mouse-wheel) and for scrolling a page sidewaysHow to swap …

Combinatorics and Space-Filling Curves

Robert Dickau has done many nice combinatorial diagrams with Mathematica. For example, here's some i like:Bell Numbers @ Self-Avoiding Paths Through a Lattice @ Folding @ home page has many more. You can also get many of his interactive Mathematica files at might also enjoy a combinatoric diagram i did. See: Number Of Ways To Loop n Points. (it was done with Mathematica v3. I'll update the notebook to v7 soon.)Possible loops with 5 points: Many of Robert's work are about space filling curves. It is one of the math i learned in early 1990s that had a big effect on me. In short, it shows that there are same number of points of one side of a square to the square itself. At the time, it was a shock to mathematicians. See: Space-filling curve, and Xah's Top 10 Math Wonders.

3D Gel Breast Mousepad

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