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T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep & 王彩樺 - 保庇

“T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep” amazon“保庇 (BOBEE)” - 王彩樺for lyrics, info, videos of other versions, see: Gaga - Bad Romance; 王彩樺 - 鋩鋩角角Bedrock - For What You Dream Of (Trainspotting)ATC - Around The World

Guy Steele on Parallel Programing

Perm url with updates: Steele on Parallel ProgramingXah Lee, 2011-02-05, 2011-02-06A fascinating talk by the computer scientist Guy Steele. (popularly known as one of the author of Scheme Lisp) How to Think about Parallel Programming: Not! (2011-01-14) By Guy Steele. @ Source www.infoq.comThe talk is a bit long, at 70 minutes. The first 26 minutes he goes thru 2 computer programs written for 1970s machines. It's quite interesting to see how software on punch card works. For most of us, we've never seen a punch card. He goes thru it “line by line”, actually “hole by hole”. Watching it, it gives you a sense of how computers are like in the 1970s.At 00:27, he starts talking about “automating resource management”, and quickly to the main point of his talk, as in the title, about what sort of programing paradigms are good for parallel programing. Here, parallel programing means solving a problem by utilizing multiple CPU …

mandelbrot set simply explained with video

Perm url with updates: Set Basic Tutorial (no complex number needed)Xah Lee, 2006-05, 2011-02-03This page gives a easy-to-understand explanation of the Mandelbrot Set fractal without using complex numbers.FormulaThe Mandelbrot Set is defined as follows. Define a function f to be this formula: f[{a_, b_}] := {a*a - b*b + c1, 2*a*b + c2} The a, b, c1, c2 are (real) numbers, and c1 and c2 are fixed numbers (constants).For example, if we set c1=0 and c2=0, then the formula becomes: f[{a_,b_}] := {a * a - b * b , 2 * a * b} and then f[{3,4}] evaluates to {-7,24}.The input is a pair of numbers, and output is also a pair of numbers. You can plot them as points on the plane. You can think of these numbers as vectors.Iteration of FormulaFor each point {c1,c2} in the plane, let's compute the recursion (nesting) of f, starting inital input {0,0}. That is, we compute f[f[f[…f[{0,0}]…]]]. If this infinite recursion creates a resulting…

Google's Fractal Map

Google made a fractal application, based on Google Maps, at, am rather disappointed. When you zoom in just a few steps, the iteration does not automatically increase enough to get crispy edges. Much better are some dedicated fractal apps. See: Great Fractal Software. For a basic explanation of the mandelbrot set, see: Mandelbrot Set Basic Tutorial (no complex number needed).

Google URL Shortening Service Format

Perm url with updates: URL Shortening Service URL FormatXah Lee, 2011-02-02Google has a url shortening service, at's some example of url it generates: • ⇒ • ⇒ • ⇒ • ⇒ • ⇒ • ⇒ • ⇒ • ⇒ • ⇒ • ⇒ • ⇒ • ⇒…

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pirated OReilly Books

Discovered that the entire Perl Cookbook is now available online. Originally i thought it's official from O'Reilly, but until trying to announce the url, i realized it's pirated. The site actually contains ~100 O'Reilly books. The url is 〔〕. Screenshot: . The site is Google ranked at 5. (i discovered it while Google search Perl modules.) I guess the site is making money by the ads.Ι wonder if O'Reilly knew. Ι hope they can take action, but i guess it's fruitless. Am also guessing that there are probably tens or hundreds of such sites. (they are all over bittorrent anyway.)See also: Software Freedom is Free Speech or Free Beer?Pathetically Elational Regex Language (PERL).

Netscape Nostalgia; Code Rush

Perm url with updates: Nostalgia; Code RushXah Lee, 2011-01-31A documentary film “Code Rush”, on Netscape 1998. Ahh... the dot com, nostalgia!“Netscape Mozilla Documentary 1998 - 2000 ProJect Code Rush” This is the first time i see Jamie Zawinski. Remember, he's famous for being blamed for the Emacs/XEmacs schism. (See: GNU Emacs and Xemacs Schism, by Ben WingMy Experience of Emacs vs XEmacs.) He's also well-known as a coder who developed serious RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). (See: Celebrity Programers with RSI) For some dot com nostalgia, see:On Microsoft HatredThe Microsoft Hatred FAQNetscape CrapLanguage, Purity, Cult, and DeceptionXah Lee's Computing Experience (Impression Of Lisp from Mathematica)Scheme & Failure

SEO copywriter joke ...

There's this tweet going around the net:So this SEO copywriter walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish bar, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor, four loko. — Victor Haffling (lahaff) 2011-01-06The original author seems to be Victor Haffling (lahaff), on 2011-01-06. Screenshot of his tweet: Why Does Google Give SEO Advice?7 Things You Need to Know About SEOGoogle Search Ranking Ingredients (SEO secrets)

Chinese Breast Enlargement Vibro-Stimulator

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