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FBI can put GPS in your car sans warrant

Student Who Found GPS Device On His Car Due To Reddit Comment Sues The FBI (2011-03-04) By Mike Masnick. @ Source www.techdirt.comHere's a comment by the well know computer security expert Bruce Schneier.The FBI is Tracking Whom? (2010-10-13) By Bruce Schneier @ Source www.schneier.comTime mag has a article about a related issue:The Government Can Use GPS to Track Your Moves (2010-08-25) By Adam Cohen. @ Source

Google shutting down your account

Perm url with updates: Happens If Google Shut Down Your Account?Xah Lee, 2011-03-05Yesterday, Google shut down my account for suspecting “unusual activity” for about 4 hours. On 2011-03-03 from ~4 pm to ~8 pm.I have no idea why. I went to bed at 3pm to take a few hours sleep. I woke around 8pm. When i went to my gmail tab, it requires me to login. (usually i don't have to, because i didn't logout.) After i type my gmail and password, then it says my account has been suspended for “unusual activity”. It provides me a option to type my phone number, so google will send me a message and i can verify that. I was reluctant in giving my phone number. After about 10 min reading about Google help, i did, and things went normal again.I am quite unhappy about this. When i checked my Google blogger stats, i realized that Google had shut down my blogger as well, because the stat were flat in the duration. And, i think this also means …

How to Create a APL or Math Symbols Keyboard Layout

Perm url with updates: to Create a APL or Math Symbols Keyboard LayoutXah Lee, 2011-03-04This page shows you how to create a APL (programming language) keyboard layout, on Windows or Mac OS X. Or, creating a math symbols layout for computer languages such as Fortress, Scheme Lisp, Haskell. (See also: Unicode Support in Ruby, Perl, Python, javascript, Java, Emacs Lisp, Mathematica.) APL Symbols in UnicodeAPL keyboard layout. Source Unicode has the complete set of APL chars. ' ( ) + , - . / : ; < = > ? [ ]
\ _ ¨ ¯ × ÷ ← ↑ → ↓ ∆ ∇ ∘ ∣ ∧ ∨
∩ ∪ ∼ ≠ ≤ ≥ ≬ ⊂ ⊃ ⌈ ⌊ ⊤ ⊥ ⋆ ⌶ ⌷
⌸ ⌹ ⌺ ⌻ ⌼ ⌽ ⌾ ⌿ ⍀ ⍁ ⍂ ⍃ ⍄ ⍅ ⍆ ⍇
⍈ ⍉ ⍊ ⍋ ⍌ ⍍ ⍎ ⍏ ⍐ ⍑ ⍒ ⍓ ⍔ ⍕ ⍖ ⍗
⍘ ⍙ ⍚ ⍛ ⍜ ⍝ ⍞ ⍟ ⍠ ⍡ ⍢ ⍣ ⍤ ⍥ ⍦ ⍧
⍨ ⍩ ⍪ ⍫ ⍬ ⍭ ⍮ ⍯ ⍰ ⍱ ⍲ ⍳ ⍴ ⍵ ⍶ ⍷
⍸ ⍹ ⍺ ⎕ ○
APL2 keyboard layout. Source For other chars, such as λ ∑ ⊕ ƒ ⇒ ↦ used by …

emacs artist-mode

Discovered “artist-mode”. It's a mode that let you draw ascii pictures with the mouse.See:

周杰倫 — 夜的第七章 (Jay Chou — Twilight's Chapter 7)

Perm url with updates:周杰倫 — 夜的第七章 (Jay Chou — Twilight's Chapter 7)Xah Lee, 2011-03-03Fantastic song. Jay Chou's Twilight's Chapter 7 (周杰倫 — 夜的第七章) (Jay Chou). Title: 夜的第七章 (Twilight's Chapter 7) Date: 2006 Album: Still Fantasy Singer: 周杰倫 (Jay Chou) Lyrics: 黃俊郎 Music: 周杰倫 (Jay Chou) Arrangement: 鍾興民/林邁可 (Michael Lin) 1983年小巷 12月晴朗 夜的第七章 打字機繼續推向 接近事實的那下一行 石楠煙斗的霧 飄向枯萎的樹 沉默的對我哭訴 貝克街旁的圓形廣場 盔甲騎士臂上 鳶尾花的徵章 微亮 無人馬車聲響 深夜的拜訪 邪惡在維多利亞的月光下 血色的開場 消失的手槍 焦黑的手仗 融化的蠟像 誰不在場 珠寶箱上 符號的假象 矛盾通往 他堆砌的死巷 證據被完美埋葬 那嘲弄蘇格蘭警場的嘴角上揚 如果邪惡 是華麗殘酷的樂章 (那麼正義 是深沉無奈的惆悵) 它的終場 我會 親手寫上 (那我就點亮 在灰燼中的微光) 晨曦的光 風乾最後一行憂傷 (那麼雨滴 會洗淨黑暗的高牆) 黑色的墨 染上安詳 (散場燈關上 紅色的布幕下降) 事實只能穿向 沒有腳印的土壤 突兀的細微花香 刻意顯眼的服裝 每個人為不同的理由 戴著面具說謊 動機也只有一種名字那叫做欲望 fafafafadefafa dedefafadefafa 越過人性的沼澤 誰真的可以不被弄髒 我們可以 遺忘 原諒 但必須知道真相 被移動過的鐵床 那最後一塊圖終於拼上 我聽見腳步聲 預料的軟皮鞋跟 他推開門晚風晃了煤油燈 一陣 打字機停在兇手的名稱我轉身 西敏寺的夜空 開始沸騰 在胸口綻放 豔麗的死亡 我品嚐這最後一口甜美的真相 微笑回想正義只是安靜的伸張 提琴在泰晤士 如果邪惡 是華麗殘…

FSF Declaration on Facebook

FSF made a declaration on Facebook. See: Mark Zuckerberg is TIME Magazine's Person of the Year? Where's the “dislike” button? (2011-02-03) by Matt Lee et al. @ See also: Facebook's Ethics.

Notes on Masturbation, Heartbeat, Midlife Crisis

this page's content is removed due to possible incompatibilities with Google's AdSense. For the content, goto

elisp: new version of get-selection-or-unit

Much improved my code for “get-selection-or-unit”. Also, a “unit-at-cursor” function is created. This is separated out because sometimes you want to get the thing at point, without caring whether there's a text selection. For the code, see: Emacs Lisp: Using thing-at-point.

another ergonomic layout: bvofrak!

Discovered a new ergonomic layout, for French, called bvofrak. See: Dvorak, Maltron, Colemak, NEO, Bépo, Turkish-F, Keyboard Layouts Fight!. (thanks to Hugues Dumez.)It's interesting that on their site they mentioned this (translated by Google):The jedi have force. You, you have resistance to change!The following jedi force. You, you depend on the trail!The Jedi can read minds. You, you have muscle memory!The Jedi have a long life to learn. Not you!

xah's log: refactoring my .emacs

Spent the past 5 hours refactoring elisp code in my .emacs. Not exactly thrilled. it's the kinda work that has no immediate benefit, but potentially disruptive. The software proverb goes: “if it ain't broken, don't fix it.”. I'd say it's only half complete. But am tired of it at this (point). Actually, about every 4 months in past 4 years i spend several hours refactoring stuff there. (not counting the time adding stuff there) As the functions pile up, more time went into it. As my elisp kungfu increases, more is there to be refactored.well, today, most work done is to replace “thing-at-point” by get-selection-or-unit. But alone the way, saw old code, and can't help to clean it.Though, my strategy towards “.emacs” is still basically “don't bother unless you absolutely have to”. Organize Your “dot emacs” Init File in 5 Minutes.

second life in real life

“2009 ABC Television Interview with Paisley Beebe in Real Life” In case you don't know, Paisley BeeBe (sl name) runs a TV show in sl. Usually interviewing people. I've attended a couple. First in around 2008.

html5 demo for developers

Very cool html5 demo for web developers: (advanced. Best viewed with Google Chrome)

SGI Logo & Visual Illusion

Perm url with updates: Logo & Visual IllusionXah Lee, 2011-03-01Silicon Graphics's logo. This logo is designed by Scott Kim. Scott Kim website.Silicon Graphics's famous logo is a corner perspective of a tubed cube. The key behind this successful logo lies in the illusion it imparts. A cube appears hexagon when viewed from a corner.sgi logo etched microscopically on cpu. Computer rendered sgi logos, by Paul Bourke. A spinning sgi cube. The SGI cube is sgi's hallmark and trademark. Its perspective illusion and rendering symbolizes the company's craft. In early 1990s, SGI is regarded as the king of computer graphics.Idiotic sgi new logo. Around 1998 SGI is bleeding to death, with graphic CAD systems happily running on cheaper but not slower Windows/Intel and Mac's PowerPC chips. They changed their logo to a stylized SGI and dropped the iconic cube. Later years, due to complaints, they re-adopted the old cube logo.Real …

Google Chrome & Browser War II

Perm url with updates: Chrome & Browser War IIXah Lee, 2010-12, 2011-03-01holy cow! Google Chrome is really changing the landscape of what web browser is.In Google Chrome, If you click on a mailto link (e.g., it'll popup a window that looks just like a normal email app's compose mail window. The mailto uri scheme has pretty much been dead since mid 2000s, but with this Chrome feature, it might revive.SPDY ProtocolGoogle is quite powerful today. Not only having own browser, OS (Google Chrome OS), mobile OS (Android), and gazillion web services, but invents its own protocols.This is old news, but see SPDY. SPDY is a protocol intended to replace HTTP. The interesting part is that it's not just a proposed protocol, but actually used daily when you use Google Chrome to access Google's websites and services. What this means is that, probably sooner or later, others will adopt. Quote:SPDY is a research proje…

Computer Language Design: String Syntax

Perm url with updates: Language Design: String SyntaxXah Lee, 2010-10-12, 2011-02-28, 2011-03-01This article discuss string syntax in a computer language design.Problem with EscapesTypically, the syntax for string in a lang look like this: mystr = "abc"; However, if your string contains double quote, then you need to escape them (usually with backslash), and this is ugly, hard to read, and inconvenient for programers. For example, suppose your code processes a lot html: mystr = "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"../xyz.css\">"; Here's a practical example from real emacs lisp code. The backslash gets annoying. (while (search-forward "<div class=\"donate253586027\">If you enjoyed this site, please consider donating $3. Any amount is appreciated. <a href=\"\">Thanks!</a><form actio…

Diplomacy vs Propaganda (John H Brown)

Perm url with updates: vs Propaganda (John H Brown)Xah Lee, 2011-02-28My blog entry What is Al Jazeera? and What's Al Hurra?, is quoted by ex US diplomat John H. Brown at his blog at Source's a quote from Wikipedia about John H Brown:Brown, who received a Ph.D. in Russian History from Princeton University in 1977, was a member of the U.S. Foreign Service from 1981 until March 10, 2003 where he resigned over the war in Iraq;Here's a video linked from his blog site, about the issue of diplomacy vs propaganda:“John H. Brown FINDING OUR VOICES Bonus Feature” In the video, he lists 4 things about propaganda:① Simplification of the issues.② Constant repetition of slogans that's often unconnected. (e.g. weapons of mass destruction, regime change)③ Demonization of the “other”. (e.g. the “evil”, the “other”)④ Stretching the truth, to unacceptable limits…

threat from Falung Gong?

Perm url with updates: Gong Twitter ThreatXah Lee, 2011-02-28I made one tweet about Falung Gong yesterday, and today i got spamed by 7 consecutive tweets from the group, with hinted threats. The last 2 of the tweets read thus:musella 3:32am via WebDo not stand in the opposite of "truthfulness, benevolence, forbearance", do not think that disasters are accidental. @xah_leemusella 3:33am via WebTo be or not to be ? That is a question for you to choose. @xah_leeHere's the screenshot of the whole tweets:screenshot of tweets from Falung Gong group. Falun Gong Front GroupsScientology and Falun GongLiu Xiaobo, Dalai Lama, Falun Gong, Nobel Peace PrizeLi Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama

Falun Gong Front Groups

Perm url with updates: Gong Front GroupsXah Lee, 2011-02-28Just discovered this post at Source . It lists some front groups of Falun Gong. I learned, that recently the call for China to start a revolution, which seems to be from “”, is a Falun Gong front group as i suspected. (See: Chinese Revolution à la Egypt?.) Here's the post.✻ ✻ ✻Posted: Mon 21 Feb 2011, 17:26, by benpenguin First post here, hi guys!I know Falun Gong is almost a dead topic, but I can assure you they are still around, just under various alias or disguises. To the trained eyes however, no matter what name they are under, one can spot them easily by reading the heavily loaded language, heavily critical to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with similar style to the CCP official propaganda in the 1960 era (Well the CCP is much smarter now)A bit of background information about Falun Gong(FLG) front organizations — openly…

STRiDA LT Folding Bike

neato.“STRiDA LT Folding Bike” amazon See also Wikipedia articles: Folding bikeStrida.

Emacs Lisp: Find String Inside HTML Tag

Perm url with updates: Lisp: Find String Inside HTML TagXah Lee, 2011-02-27This page shows emacs lisp script that search files, similar to unix grep, but with the condition that the string must happen inside a HTML tag. If you don't know elisp, first take a look at Emacs Lisp Basics.The ProblemFew days ago we covered How to Write grep in Emacs Lisp. With a few lines of change, here's a version that search a string only if it is inside a html tag. This is something grep and unix tool bag cannot do, and difficult to do even with Perl, Python, unless you use a HTML parser.SolutionHere's the code:;; -*- coding: utf-8 -*- ;; 2011-02-25 ;; print files that meet this condition: ;; contains <div class="x-note">...</div> ;; where the text content contains more than one bullet char • (setq inputDir "~/web/xahlee_org/" ) ; dir should end with a slash (require 'sgml-mode) ; need sgml-s…