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Scientists Say High-Heels Good for Your Health

Perm URL with updates: discovered that women's high-heels not only make your feet look sexy, but have health benefits.Major news outlets have all reported this discovery.High heels are good for your health as well as make you sexy. img srcMany other news outlets reported it, with photos of sexy celebrity women wearing high-heels to prove it. e.g. RLY Owl and Ya RLY Owl — the correct response.ReferencesVariability of neural activation during walking in humans: short heels and big calves (2010-12-08) By Anna N Ahn. Source rsbl.royalsocietypublishing.orgWhy don't journalists link to primary sources? (201…

Adobe Reader Update Failure

Idiotic Adobe Reader (aka Adobe Acrobat).When in Google Chrome browsing a pdf file, Chrome tells me: “Parts of this PDF document could not be displayed. Open in Adobe Reader?”. So i clicked Yes. Then, Chrome tells me: “Adobe Reader is out of date and may be insecure”, with a option to update. That's a bit strange, because i thought i have it up-to-date. So, i manually opened Adobe Reader, then clicked on the “Check for Update…” under the Help menu. It says: “No updates available”. I then checked version, it's “9.4.2”. Then i went back to Chrome and get the update, the download is “Adobe Reader X (10.0.1)”. Fucking idiotic Adobe Reader.See also: The Complexity & Tedium of Software Engineering.and Google Chrome is really fantastic. See: Google Chrome & Browser War II.

html, javascript, ad network, porn, fraud

A fascinating story.Uncovering an advertising fraud scheme. Or “the Internet is for porn” (2011-03-16) By Panos Ipeirotis. @ Source behind-the-enemy-lines.blogspot.comThis guy, goes over thru tech details on a ad fraud scheme that makes $50k to $700k per month!I spend 2 hours to read thru. You'll learn quite a few things. ① A detailed scene of online advertising and scams. ② Some of the actual names of ad networks. (if you are interested in monetizing your site. (but though some of them may be shady.)) ② Some of the web technologies.

What's the Max Number of Directories a Directory Can Have?

Perm url with updates:'s the Max Number of Directories a Directory Can Have?Xah Lee, 2011-03-18Randal L Schwartz (famous perl coder) wrote a nice blog about using perl to delete a dir with huge number of files. The numbers of files are so large that the unix commmands “ls”, “rm”, etc are not responsive. The blog is: Perl to the rescue: case study of deleting a large directory (2011-03-17) By Randal L Schwartz. @ Source, the unix tools are trying to gather the list first before doing anything. But the perl code does not wait for the whole list first before doing anything. Here's his code: perl -e'chdir "BADnew" or die; opendir D, "."; while ($n = readdir D) { unlink $n }'It's a interesting article. This reminds me, in 2002, we had a huge dir on our e-commerce app to the point that it maxed out the max allowed. (i don't remember the details, but it was n…

Emacs: Remapping Keys Using key-translation-map

Perm url with updates: Remapping Keys Using key-translation-mapXah Lee, 2011-03-17This page shows you how to remap keys to input unicode symbols using the elisp function “key-translation-map”, and discuss some related issues.Recently i wrote a article on How to Create a APL or Math Symbols Keyboard Layout. In the article, i described several ways to remap keys on keyboard to input symbols for Mac, Windows, Linux. Some are OS-wide thru OS's user-configurable mechanisms. Some are using key-macro software for that OS. And there's emacs for just within emacs. I've used them all in the past 2 decades, but in the past few years, i find the most practical and flexible way is just emacs. Because: ① 99% of my typing are done in emacs. So, i don't really need them to be OS-wide. ② Each method of remapping keys all have their own limitations (e.g. on Mac and Windows, there's no way to remap some key combinations.),…


booby-trapAgain, DCU’s research shows there may be close to 1 million computers infected with Rustock malware, all under the control of the person or people operating the network like a remote army, usually without the computer’s owner even aware that his computer has been hijacked. Bot-herders infect computers with malware in a number of ways, such as when a computer owner visits a website booby-trapped with malware and clicks on a malicious advertisement or opens an infected e-mail attachment. Bot-herders do this so discretely that owners often never suspect their PC is living a double life. Taking Down Botnets: Microsoft and the Rustock Botnet (2011-03-17) By Richard Boscovich. @ Source booby-trapped = An explosive device designed to be triggered when an unsuspecting victim touches or disturbs a seemingly harmless object. Ooops, keeps posting to the wrong blog. If case you are wondering, this is WordyEnglish, a-word-a-day kinda thing at http://wordy-english.blogspot.…

emacs: display-time-world

Perm url with updates: the command “display-time-world”. These days, when communicating with people around the world (in twitter, Skype, Second Life …), usually i need to know what time it is in their location. This command helps. Faster and more accurate than i can do mental calculation.

W3C HTML Validator Invalid

Perm url with updates: HTML Validator InvalidXah Lee, 2011-03-15The W3C HTML Validator is getting annoying.Missing Open Tag as ValidIf you have a page without a opening “body” tag, but does have a closing one, W3 HTML validation report it as valid.Maybe it's technically valid, but quite annoying.Test page: W3 HTML Validation Problem: No Open Body.XHTML Style “<br />” Tag as Valid HTML4Another problem is that, if you use the XHTML style tag such as <br />, it's also reported as valid. W3C only gives a warning. However, this is technically invalid.Test page: W3 HTML Validation Problem: Slash End Tag.With this situation, at this point, you wonder what's validator supposed to be anymore. HTML Validation, Google, AmazonHTML Correctness and ValidatorsGoogle Earth KML Validation FuckupHTML6: Your JSON and SXML SimplifiedUsing iframe to Embed Youtube VideosHTML5 Video and Audio Tag

UNIX Tar Problem: File Length Truncation, Unicode Name Support

Perm url with updates: Tar Problem: File Length Truncation, Unicode Name Support
Best Mac @ Xah Lee, 2011-03-17Discovered, that GNU tar now has a “--help” option. So, instead of typing “man tar”, you type “tar --help”. Not sure if this has been there for long or what.Much better. I always hated the “man” fuck. You can never be sure if the man page correspond to the version you are using, and because the doc is separate, it's also pain to maintain for dev, tends to get out of sync.Another thing about tar is that i never figured out why its syntax doesn't use the dash. You use tar xvf myfile.tar instead of tar -xvf myfile.tar. Many years ago, with dash won't work. Not sure all tar programs support that today.Also, you can't talk about tar without talking about unix line truncation problem. Tar used to truncate your file names if the path is long (e.g. ~120). See: Unix, RFC, Line Truncation. Am not sure how good it…

Chrome: Google Map supports Google Earth

Discovered that if you use Google Chrome to access Google Maps, then almost all Google Earth features are there. No need for special plug-ins. Quite amazing.
View Larger MapPerhaps when you install Google Earth, it automtatically installs plug-in. Or, is Flash doing the 3D work??Note that this works in E9, too, but not Firefox, Opera, Safari. (all latest public version as of 2011-03-15.) To test, just go to, then hover mouse over the Satellite square. If it supports Google Earth, it'll also pop up a “Earth” square.See also: Google Earth Geography 101Google Earth Mouse Navigation and Keys.

IE9 Renderer Crash

Perm url with updates: Went into Compatibility Mode; Renderer Crash
Best Mac @ Xah Lee, 2011-03-14IE9 is released today. After installing, it asks you to restart Windows. Alright. First thing i did is to check my website. Within 30 seconds, on this page Xah Emacs Tutorial, i got this error: “A problem displaying caused Internet Explorer to refresh the webpage using Compatibility View.” as a pop-up pane at the bottom of the window. Part of the page is not rendered, and part of it disappears when you move your mouse to the navigation menu. Great!Here's a few screenshots:ie9_renderer_crash_0.png (page with the error message)ie9_renderer_crash_1.png (Most page content are not rendered. Nav bar doesn't show.)ie9_renderer_crash_2.png (best state; badly rendered, still missing half of the page content at bottom.)ie9_renderer_crash_3.png (when mouse moved to nav bar, page content disappears.)chrome_correct_rendering.p…

Inside Jobs; Financial Crisis Documentary

Perm url with updates: Jobs; Financial Crisis DocumentaryXah Lee, 2011-03-14Discovered Inside Job (film). It's a documentary film about the financial crisis of 2007-2010. Directed by Charles H Ferguson.Here's some clips.“"Wall Street Execs Should be in Jail" Oscar Winner's Acceptance Speech” “INSIDE JOB Official Trailer” Here's a interview of the director Charles H Ferguson by Charlie Rose show.“Charlie Rose Interviews Charles Ferguson on his documentary 'Inside Job'” “Inside Job”. Documentary film about the financial crisis of 2007-2010. amazon Reading Notes on Basic EconomicsIs Microsoft a Monopoly?Liu Xiaobo, Dalai Lama, Falun Gong, Nobel Peace PrizeTo What Degree USA Allow Free Speech?Apple iPad, CensorshipGoogle Blogger Porn Content Policy

Geometry: GeoGebra apps for Plane Curves