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human being, humanity, human animal

The first step towards moral progress is to replace the word “human being” and “humanity” with “human animal”.

Cyberpunk in Second Life

Cyberpunk in Second Lifefrom a new friend's store:“Neurolab Inc. - Machinima Second Life (2011-03) 1080p” His home page is:

HTML “html”, “head”, “body”, Tags Are Optional?

Perm url with updates: “html”, “head”, “body”, Tags Are OptionalThe HTML's “html”, “head”, “body”, tags are all optional. This is a test page. View source.However, the “DOCTYPE” and “title” are required.Check validator.w3.orgHowever, it is not clear whether html5 requires them. See: It says:The html element is the root element of a document. Every document must begin with this element, and it must contain both the head and body elements....In the HTML syntax only, both the start and end tags are optional, and so for convenience either may be omitted, unless you wish to specify attributes on this element, in which case, at least the start tag needs to be included.It appears that the “html” tag is optional, but “head” and “body” are required.Back to Xah's Web Dev Tutorial.

360 Panorama

Perm url with updates: PanoramaXah Lee, 2011-03-29Discovered a new, really great, panorama site.
Enez Castle in turkey The site got thousands of panoramas around the world. It uses Adobe Flash technology, and works really great. Best of all, you can embed them on your website. What is Technical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Projective Geometry, Linear AlgebraWhat Is Perspective DrawingReview of SpaceNavigator & Mathematical Models of 3D Inputs ControlGoogle Earth Geography 101

Women with Nose Cut Off

Perm url with updates: with Nose Cut OffXah Lee, 2010-02-01, 2011-03-28Time Mag in its 2010-07-29 issue is running a cover with a lurid image of a woman with nose cut off.Source The image comes with a big caption: “What Happens if We Leave Afghanistan”. The logic of the juxtaposed caption is clear: if US doesn't meddle with other's affairs, then the world would all cut off women's noses.The mag tries to justify the image on cover, but i didn't see any justfication for the caption.Source ✻ ✻ ✻ “Behold, the peace of Islam - Nazia, a 17-year old girl from Afghanistan, who suffered a similar fate in 2007” Source What is Taliban?After writing this blog, due to the lurid photos, i looked up on Taliban. Here's Wikipedia article: Taliban.Taliban is a extremely fucked up religion based military sect. In a sense, it is similar to WASP and George W Bush o…

HTML/XML Entities (Character/Unicode/Symbol) List

Perm url with updates: Entities (Character/Unicode/Symbol) ListXah Lee, 2011-03-27This page is a complete list of HTML/XML entities.(If you are not familiar with entities or unicode, see: Character Sets and Encoding in HTMLUNICODE Basics: What's Character Encoding, UTF-8, and All That?.)Character entity references for markup-significant and internationalization charactersnameglyphdescriptionnbspno-break space = non-breaking space, U+00A0iexcl¡inverted exclamation mark, U+00A1cent¢cent sign, U+00A2pound£pound sign, U+00A3curren¤currency sign, U+00A4yen¥yen sign = yuan sign, U+00A5brvbar¦broken bar = broken vertical bar, U+00A6sect§section sign, U+00A7uml¨diaeresis = spacing diaeresis, U+00A8copy©copyright sign, U+00A9ordfªfeminine ordinal indicator, U+00AAlaquo«left-pointing double angle quotation mark = left pointing guillemet, U+00ABnot¬not sign, U+00ACshy­soft hyphen = discretionary hyphen, U+00ADreg®registered sign = …