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emacs undo; emacs cult problem

Perm url with updates: Undo & Emacs Cult ProblemXah Lee, 2011-04-08Goddamn motherfucking emacs undo.Emacs undo is a motherfucking problem. There's a “redo” mode, which i've been using since about 2006. However, that mode sometimes corrupt your undo. That is, it doesn't behave correctly.Sometimes in 2010 i discovered a improved redo mode, called “redo+”. I was happy, and put it in ErgoEmacs replacing the redo mode. However, now having used it for several months, i discovered that it's got a worse problem, a major one. Sometimes in a text file “.txt” (text-mode), it simply doesn't let you undo at all. It says “undo-more: No further undo information” — My ass! (at that point, you have to call “revert-buffer”.)Fuck emacs fuckfaces. Those so-called “leet”, “hacker”, scumbags.What is a Tech Geeker?Paul Graham's Infatuation with the Concept of HackerThe Idiocy of Hacker KeyboardsHacker News,, and Wh…

Ballet: how do ballet dancers tiptoe dance

Perm url with updates: Bach BWV1007Xah Lee, 2011-04-06Here's a video of a ballet. Incredibly beautiful.“Nicole Ciapponi in Olivier Wevers new piece BWV1007”. Music: “Bach BWV 1007” amazonI always wondered, how do ballet dancers do those tiptoe? When they stand on tiptoe, how do their feet look exactly? is it just the big toe touching the ground? How is possible? What kinda basic training to do that?Pointe ShoeThe answer, lies in Pointe shoe, which is specially designed shoe with a little box in front.“pointe shoe” Thanks to Kiara Smythe in Second Life for the answer. Pole Dancing and Chinese Pole (video)Pen SpinningElegance & Respectability of JugglingThe Cream of Juggling Videos

web browsers unicode support compared

Perm url with updates: Browsers Unicode Support; Firefox 4 SucksXah Lee, 2011-04-06The unicode support in Firefox 4 sucks.Here's a test page to see how your browser support unicode: Web Browser Unicode Support Test Page.Here's a screenshot of Firefox 4.0.Screenshot of Firefox 4.0 on Windows, showing a lot missing characters. All other browsers show all characters, while IE9 misses just a few.With respect to unicode support, the best to worst are: Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4. (all latest public release on Windows as of 2011-04-05.)To fix the Firefox problem, you have to use CSS to specify font. (See: Best Fonts for Unicode.) For example, you might say this css:body {font-family:"Arial Unicode MS","DejaVu Sans",sans-serif} pre {font-family:"DejaVu Sans Mono",monospace} Unicode Character Equivalence Support in Web BrowsersGoogle Chrome, SPDY Protocol, Browser War IIO…

Chiptune, Fugue, Pure Music

Perm url with updates:, Fugue, Pure MusicXah Lee, 2010-05-25, 2011-04-05A nice Chiptune.DDDot video game music. Game Sound: An Introduction to the History, Theory, and Practice of Video Game Music and Sound DesignamazonNote that chiptune (aka 8-bit music) is a sound style of music from arcade video games of the 1980s. The characteristics is simple synthesized sound, back then due to technological limitations.However, somehow i love chiptune, because they capture the music itself, without the complex sound from musical instrument. In a sense, it's pure music. (“pure music” in music theory is composition that focuses on the notes combination itself, not sound. (though, few seconds of web search i didn't find the term, for some reason. Maybe i got the term wrong.))In fact, i always wanted to have a piano such that each key produces a simple beep sound of the right frequency, or a slightly modified pure tone with the right ADSR envelope (s…

Emacs grep Problem in Windows

Perm url with updates: grep Problem in WindowsXah Lee, 2011-04-052 month ago i wrote How to Write grep in Emacs Lisp. In it, i documented a few problems of calling unix grep within emacs. Today i run into a problem again. Here's a more concrete example.In my vocabulary page Wordy English — the Making of Belles-Lettres, i use the unicode BOX DRAWINGS LIGHT VERTICAL “│” as a temp marker for processing the word list. Today i need to grep pages containing that character.Calling 【M-x grep】 in emacs with grep -inH -e "│" *html returns a error: -*- mode: grep; default-directory: "c:/Users/xah/web/xahlee_org/emacs/" -*- Grep started at Tue Apr 05 15:37:47 grep "│" *html warning: extra args ignored after 'grep "│\' Grep finished with no matches found at Tue Apr 05 15:37:47 Starting “shell” in emacs (which runs Microsoft cmd.exe in Windows Vista) doesn't work neither. (it works fine when …

Sexy Women: Katie Couric, Camille Paglia, Jane Hamsher

Perm url with updates: Women: Katie Couric, Camille Paglia, Jane HamsherXah Lee, 2011-04-04Katie Couric is on the news. O, what a sexy woman. I haven't watched TV since 2000. But i learned of her in my writings. Here's some youtube videos i've watched in past years where i learned of her.CBS Exclusive: Sarah Palin interviewed by Katie Couric, 2008-10-31. Above from The Bimbo from Alaska: Sarah Palin.Michael J Fox, interviewed by Katie Couric. Above is from The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect: Chapter 3.“The Late Show with Dav...: David Letterman - Katie Couric Leaving CBS?” OMG, she sooo attractive.Here's another video, more informal, about her colonoscopy.“Katie Couric's Colonoscopy Prep” I wonder what she looks like when she's young. She must be fucking HOT. Though, often it is very hard to find info of celebrities about their younger life.Intelligent WomenI'm extremely attracted to intel…

Emacs Featured in Tron

Perm url with updates: Featured in TronXah Lee, 2011-04-03Emacs has been featured in the movie “Tron: Legacy”. Here's a screenshot:Tron Legacy screenshot featuring emacs What's interesting is that it is actually running eshell. So, it's a real life advanced use of emacs.The person who worked for Tron blogged about it here: Source jtnimoy.netEmacs: What's eshell? “eshell” vs “shell” Difference?Emacs Shell Tutorial (bash, cmd.exe, PowerShell)TRON Light Cycle Optimal Strategy

HTML Title Tag: not context dependent

HTML Title TagLearned a great tip. The “title” tag is supposed to be meaningful even without context. Here's a quote from Source The title element represents the document’s title or name, and should be meaningful even when read out of context.So, for example, my article on functional programing: What's List Comprehension and Why is it Harmful?, the title element would better be: “Computer Programing: What's List Comprehension and Why is it Harmful?”. Note that you should keep it under 200 chars. See also: Google Search Ranking Ingredients (SEO secrets).

emacs dired: delete marked files list cannot be viewed

Emacs Dired Bug: Delete File List Not VisibleThis seems to be a bug. Define this: (defalias 'yes-or-no-p 'y-or-n-p) Then, in dired, type ~ to flag backup files. Then, type x to delete them. Dired will prompt you with “Delete D [251 files] (y or n)” with a list of files to be deleted on the top pane. When you have more files to fit in a window, part of the list is not visible, and there's no way to view them. You can't page with 【Alt+PgDn】 or 【Alt+PgUp】, can't use mouse to drag the scrollbar, scroll wheel just produce beeps. I haven't found a way to view it.(thanks to Eli Zaretskii, Drew Adam for helping track down the cause. Source

Barefoot Running & Shoes

Perm url with updates: Barefoot Running Healthier?Xah Lee, 2009-01-02Am surprised to learn that when you run barefoot, your forefoot is the point that contact the ground first, not your heel. (“forefoot” is the front part of your foot.)In recent years there's reports that running shoes are not healthy, while barefoot is better, because with running shoes and its heavy padding and flat bottom, you always land on the heel first, which supposedly put burden on your knee to absorb the impact.When running barefoot, your forefeet touchs the ground first, and almost simultaneous with heel. The arc in your feet act as the natural shock absorber. So, good for your health.At first i find it hard to believe that the forefoot touches the ground first when you run barefoot. Today i actually tried it, and it is true.This is slightly not intuitive, because one'd think that running shoes with all the thick tech padding that a…