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Second Life: How to Stop Showing as Cloud

Second Life: How to Stop Showing as CloudIf you are shown as a cloud forever, one way to fix it is this. Go to menu 〖Advanced▸Character▸Character Tests▸Test Male〗. You should show up. Then, you can put back your avatar.See also: Second Life Keyboard Shortcuts CheatsheetAlso, here's some explanation of Phoenix Viewer preference's features. Source

left handed mouse

Perm url with updates: Handed MouseXah Lee, 2011-04-26I always use 2 mouses, since about 1994. The reason is that it lets me use either hand, whichever is convenient at the moment.One problem is that if you use a 5-buttons mouse for left hand, usually they are symmetric design, so the button placement isn't optimal.“Razer DeadAdder Mouse Left Hand Edition” Discovered today a left-handed 5-buttons mouse. Razer DeathAdder - Gaming Mouse Left Hand Edition. amazon Nice. Best Mouse for Programers and AutoHotkey Keyboard MacrosMouse Wheel: Smooth Scroll vs Notched ScrollBest Input Devices (Jog/Shuttle, Touchpad, Cyborg Mouse, Pen Tablet)Review Of Microsoft SideWinder Gaming MousesLogitech Trackball Mouse ReviewsBest Trackball MouseSwap Mouse Buttons: Right-Click and Middle ClickWhat's Mouse DPI; Does Mouse DPI Matter in Gaming?

Emacs: Form Feed and Source Code Section Paging Commands

Perm url with updates: Form Feed and Source Code Section Paging CommandsXah Lee, 2011-04-25This page discusses some issues about the Form Feed character (^L) used in emacs, and commands to page thru source code sections.Problem of “forward-paragraph” and “backward-paragraph”Emacs has commands “forward-paragraph” 【Ctrl+↓】 and “backward-paragraph” 【Ctrl+↑】. The problem with these is that the definition of “paragraph” in emacs is not well defined; it depends on what mode you are in. For example, in “text-mode”, a paragraph is basically a text block separated by newline characters. But in “html-mode”, it moves by some weird way. (try view source of this page, open in emacs, and move.) Technically, this is because the notion of “paragraph” in emacs is dependent on emacs's syntax table. (emacs's syntax table is a elementary system that cagetorize character to a list of semantic categories. From my experience in the pa…

new version of lsl mode (Second Life + Emacs)

A new version of lsl mode is out. This version, v1.6.0, added function completion and snippets for 18 new Linden Lab functions. Get it today, at Emacs LSL Mode (xlsl-mode) for Linden Scripting Language.