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Customeze IE9: Show Tabs In a Separate Row

Perm url with updates: Internet Explorer 9 (IE9): Turn on Menu; Put Tabs in Separate RowXah Lee, 2011-05-07To always show the menu bar: press Alt, then in menu 〖View▸Tollbars▸Menu bar〗.In the menu 〖View▸Tollbars▸Menu bar〗, you can choose to show other tool bars.To make the tabs on a separate row: right click on a tab, then choose menu 〖Show tabs on a separate row〗.To customize your toolbars, right click on them, then choose 〖Customize〗. IE9 Went into Compatibility Mode; Renderer CrashOpera Pain; Opera Browser ProblemsGoogle Chrome, SPDY Protocol, Browser War IIUnicode Character Equivalence Support in Web Browsers

Heineken Commercial - The Entrance (The Golden Age - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour)

Perm url with updates: Commercial - The Entrance (The Golden Age - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour)Xah Lee, 2011-05-06“Heineken Commercial - The Entrance”. The music is “The Golden Age” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. amazon.Here's the syrics: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - "The Golden Age" I wished I lived in the golden age Giving it up on the broadway stage Hang with the rats and smoke cigars Just have a break with Frank and count the stars Dressed to the nines, we've had too much Shiny jewels, casino cash Tapping feet, wanna take the lead A trip back in time is all I need Oh! Sing it out loud gonna get back honey Sing it out loud get away with me Sing it out loud on a trip back honey Sing it out loud and let yourself free I'm on my way, gonna make it big Gonna make these songs for the chicks to dig It's really hot and a little bit sour We're getting your strength to the maximum power Flying away from reality Wh…

encyclopediadramatica sold out

The site 〔〕 got sold out and has become 〔〕. See: The site's nature completely changed. All materials got censored and cleaned. I'm forthwith removing all links from my site to it. There are 19 of them, on the following pages:Erotic ArtworkXah's A Word A DayMagibon, Boxxy (4chan personality video)Internet Personality: Fredryk Phox4chan /b/ random — Internet Culture

Unicode Full-Width Characters

Perm url with updates: Full-Width CharactersXah Lee, 2011-05-06This page lists full-width versions of unicode characters. A full-width char basically means that each character has the same width as a Chinese character, even using variable-width font. They are used mostly in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, texts. 0123456789
"'`^~ ̄_
In the above, there are no space between adjacent chars. No effort is made to align them, nor are monospace font specified.The list is not complete. Dingbats and Cultural Symbols in UnicodeComputing Symbols in UnicodeArrows in UnicodeMatching Brackets in UnicodeIntro to Chinese Punctuation with Computer Language Syntax Perspectives简体/繁體 字表 (Simplified/Traditional Chinese Characters List)The Moronicities of TypographyUnicode Character Equivalence Support in Web Browsers

Emacs: Defining Keys to Navigate Brackets

Perm url with updates: Defining Keys to Navigate BracketsXah Lee, 2011-05-06Here are some convenient keys to move cursor by brackets. Very useful in coding C, Java, Python, HTML, or any other languages.Commands to Navigate Brackets (defunforward-open-bracket () "Move cursor to the next occurrence of one of ( { [ <." (interactive) (forward-char 1) (search-forward-regexp "(\\|{\\|\\[\\|<") (backward-char 1) ) (defunbackward-open-bracket () "Move cursor to the previous occurrence of one of ( { [ <." (interactive) (search-backward-regexp "(\\|{\\|\\[\\|<") ) (defunforward-close-bracket () "Move cursor to the next occurrence of one of ) } ] >." (interactive) (search-forward-regexp ")\\|\\]\\|}\\|>") ) (defunbackward-close-bracket () "Move cursor to the next occurrence of one of ) } ] >." (interact…

Emacs Lisp: w32-shell-execute Example and Inline Documentation Bug

Perm url with updates: Lisp: w32-shell-execute Example and Inline Documentation BugXah Lee, 2011-05-05In emacs GNU Emacs 23.2.1, built for Windows, there's a documentation bug for the emacs lisp function “w32-shell-execute”. When you call “describe-function” on “w32-shell-execute”, you get this: w32-shell-execute is a built-in function in `C source code'. [Missing arglist. Please make a bug report.] Not documented. This is fixed in emacs 23.3, the inline doc for “w32-shell-execute” is the followning: w32-shell-execute is a built-in function in `C source code'. (w32-shell-execute OPERATION DOCUMENT &optional PARAMETERS SHOW-FLAG) Get Windows to perform OPERATION on DOCUMENT. This is a wrapper around the ShellExecute system function, which invokes the application registered to handle OPERATION for DOCUMENT. OPERATION is either nil or a string that names a supported operation. What operations can be used depe…

Linden Scripting Language (LSL) Script Count

Perm url with updates: Scripting Language (LSL) Script CountGet your Xah Particle Maker today! Xah Lee, 2011-05-04Michael Jergens wrote to ask:This might be worthy of a post onto your website/blog and/or as a reply via email:Subj: Script counts this seems to be getting more attentions in sims such as New Jessie. My AV is scanned and I get a posting as to my script count and resource usage. I can understand why they would want to do this; however, it is difficult to sometimes track down ALL of my scripts. For example: New Jessie says I am using 31 scripts and 1.4 mb. Scripts I understand, but the "1.4 mb" is a little more vague to me. Is that even within my control? Is it a result of the script counts (i.e. more scripts active means higher "mb")Some of the scripts I can track down by right click/'inspect' on various HUD attachments and objects. I tried a similar thing on my AV and found almost all were ZERO scr…

Emacs Lisp: browse-url Function to View URL in a Web Browser

Perm url with updates: Lisp: browse-url Function to View URL in a Web BrowserXah Lee, 2011-05-03In emacs, there's a function “browse-url”. It sends a url to a web browser. You can use it like this: (browse-url "") The function “browse-url” is defined in 〔browse-url.el〕, which is bundled with emacs. It is used by for example “html-mode”. In that mode, you can press 【Ctrl+cCtrl+v】 and it'll call “browse-url-of-buffer”, and view the current html file in a browser.The “browse-url” function is very useful in your own lisp program. You can define a function with a key, so that pressing a button or clicking on url lets you view that url. For examples of how it is used, see: Emacs: Perl PHP Dictionary Wikipedia Google … Reference lookup.Sending URL to Firefox BrowserBesides, “browse-url” and “browse-url-of-buffer”, there are several others:browse-url-firefoxbrowse-url-default-windows-browserbrowse-url-defau…

AutoHotkey key notation & syntax problems

Updated AutoHotkey Key Notations and AutoHotkey Syntax Problems.AutoHotkey language is the most idiotic among langs i know of. I think it's even worse than perl or unix shell.

AutoHotkey: Script to Toggle Maximize Window

Perm url with updates: Script to Toggle Maximize WindowXah Lee, 2011-05-02This page is a simple AutoHotkey script to toggle the current window's size. If you don't know what AutoHotkey is, see AutoHotkey Basics. ; 2011-04-30 ; from ; A toggle. maximize current window, or restor size if already maximized. #NoTrayIconWinGetPos, winWidth, winHeight, , , A ; "A" to get the active window's pos. if ( winWidth == -8 and winHeight == -8) { WinRestore, A } else { WinMaximize, A } ExitAppSave the above in a file, name it 〔toggle window maximize restore.ahk〕.Then, in your main AutoHotkey file, you can assign a key to it, like this: $ScrollLock::Run"toggle window maximize restore.ahk"Or, you can use your Microsoft or Logitech software keyboard driver software to assign a key to launch the script. Microsoft IntelliType HacksMicrosoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (review…

Linden Scripting Language (LSL) Unicode Support

Perm url with updates: Scripting Language (LSL) Unicode SupportGet your Xah Particle Maker today! Xah Lee, 2011-05-02Seems that LSL supports unicode in function names. Here's a example:string tασ∑♥() { return"var with unicode char in name";} string aασ∑♥ = "var with unicode char in name"; default { state_entry() { llSay(0, "Hello, Avatar!"); } touch_start(integer num_detected) { llSay(0, (string) tασ∑♥() + "; " + (string) aασ∑♥); } } Note: it seems that function/variable names must start with a english letter. Else it's a compiler error.See also: Unicode Support in Ruby, Perl, Python, javascript, Java, Emacs Lisp, Mathematica. Xah's Linden Scripting Language (LSL) TutorialXah's Unicode Tutorial Want to dash through walls?
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