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Keyboard Layout: Dvorak vs Colemak: is it Worthwhile to Improve the Dvorak Layout?

Perm url with updates: Layout: Dvorak vs Colemak: is it Worthwhile to Improve the Dvorak Layout?Xah Lee, 2010-08-30, …, 2011-06-10There are many keyboard layouts. Some claim to be better than Dvorak layout. (See: Dvorak, Maltron, Colemak, NEO, Bépo, Turkish-F, Keyboard Layouts Fight!.) For languages other than English, then improving on Dvorak is significant. However, for English languages, even for programers, improving on Dvorak seems to be a lost cause. This page tells you why.Which Layout is the Most Efficient?PAT's Keyboard Layout AnalyzerPatrick Gillespie wrote a web app at The app is very simple and visual oriented. It takes a input text, and computes simple distances and finger frequency among 5 layouts: QWERTY, Dvorak, Colemak, Capewell, Arensito. Plus, it also generates a new layout that is most optimal for the input text you used.Major Problem: The site only compare simp…

Xah's writing is ...

Ok, it's Friday.Dear Xah, your writing is:Full of bad grammar. River of Hiccups.Stilted. Chocked under useless structure and logic. Bottled up verbosity masking as tech detail.WRONG — Filled with uncouth advices; the prototype of misinfo.Heedlessly insulting. You need to see a doc.Simply stinks. Worth less than a piss pot.Mediocre. A fish in the sea of vanity bloggers, admit it.I love it. Your writing is pro!You are genius! one of the great expositor, eassyist. A wild pleasur ride in creative endeavor; a impeccability in tech exposition.Dude, you are full of shit. I've not seen a crank quite like you.Vote at: Result. 32 votes. (multiple choice):10 (31%) Full of bad grammar. River of Hiccups.4 (12%) Stilted. Chocked under useless structure and logic.4 (12%) WRONG — Filled with uncouth advices.12 (37%) Needlessly insulting. You have problems.1 (3%) Simply stinks. Worthless.5 (15%) Mediocre. Just like everybody, a…

Keyboard Layouts: Dvorak vs Colemak vs Workman

Perm url with updates: Layouts: Dvorak vs Colemak vs WorkmanXah Lee, 2011-06-09Discovered yet another keyboard layout!!! Introducing … the Workman Layout.It's supposedly a improvement of the Colemak layout. Here's Colemak layout qwfpg jluy; []\ arstd hneio ' zxcvb km,./ Here's the Workman layout: qdrwb jfup; []\ ashtg yneoi ' zxmcv kl,./ (If you don't know what's Dvorak or Colemak layout, see: Dvorak, Maltron, Colemak, NEO, Bépo, Turkish-F, Keyboard Layouts Fight!.)Here's his story on why it is invented. A Different Philosophy in Designing Keyboard Layouts (2010-09-06) By OJ Bucao. @ Source Quote:Being a programmer, I type a lot and I suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and tendonitis on my wrist. …The first alternative keyboard layout that came to mind is Dvorak. It was created in the 1930′s and promised to be vastly superior…

Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial

Created a dedicated page for buying my tutorial, at: Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial.For those of you who have bought it before, just email me at with subject “emacs tutorial upgrade” and i'll email it to you.Thank you for your support!

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Idiocy of the Happy Hacking Keyboard

Perm url with updates: Idiocy of the Happy Hacking KeyboardXah Lee, 2011-06-08There is a computer keyboard, called the Happy Hacking keyboard (HHK). It is a keyboard often loved by “hackers”, and is one of the most idiotic keyboard. Let me count the ways.The Happy Hacking keyboard, model lite 2. image sourceamazon Missing 12 Function KeysIt lacks 12 function keys. TWELVE of them! One, two, three, …, four, five, six, and more. Continue counting: seven, and eight and nine. Then, we add another digit to hit 10 in a decimal system. Then, eleven as in Seven-Eleven, and twelve, as in: twelve days of xmas. Twelve programable keys down the drain! What to do if you need them? You have to press 2 keys: 【Fn+‹key›】. What happened to the concept of efficiency?Missing Page Navigation Keys and 20 Extra Function KeysBygone are the extremely convenient dedicated page navigation keys: Home, End, Page Up, Page Down.Of course, PrtScn, ScrLk, …

Keyboard Porn

Perm url with updates: PornXah Lee, 2011-06-08When i look at computer keyboards, saliva drools from the corner of my mouth.You know how girls do window-shopping as a life-long regular activity? and some guys do window-shopping of cars? I don't need another keyboard, i already have plenty. But, i look at them, look for them, stare at them for hours, every week. I:• Compare their sizes, the keys on them.• How they label their keys. Do they say Page Up or PgUp, Enter or Return? Do they use glyph like ⇧ Shift and Enter ↵? ↵ or ↩ or ⏎? What glyph they use for Zoom In, Zoom Out, Mute, Web, Search?• The key's positions, arrangement. Are the arrow keys in inverted T? In one row? In a cross? How's Home/End key cluster shaped? 2×3 or 3×2?• What are special buttons and knobs they offer. Sound level controller as slider? As rotary knob? disc shaped? Touch sensitive bar? Zoom as seesaw rocker?What's their functions, the style of the…

emacs keyboards


emacs manual trivia

Emacs Manual TriviaUpdated my mirror of emacs manual and emacs lisp manual to version for emacs 23.3. Here:GNU Emacs ManualGNU Emacs Lisp Reference ManualMy emacs tutorial links to them. e.g. Emacs Lisp Basics.Problems of Emacs's ManualEmacs: How to Eval Elisp Code, Find Functions, Search DocumentationEmacs Idolization: Have You Read the Emacs Manual From Cover to Cover? Here's some trivia:• There are a total of 694 HTML pages (nodes) for the emacs manual.• There are a total of 896 HTML pages (nodes) for the elisp manual.• Occurrence of HTML Entities in the elisp manual:FreqstringUnicode Char 847&amp;& 529&gt;> 442&lt;<2427&nbsp; 1&auml;ä 3&copy;© 561&ldquo;“ 561&rdquo;”1743&lsquo;‘1743&rsquo;’2553&mdash;— 70&minus;− 4&ndash;– 2&ouml;ö 1&uuml;ü1180&rArr;⇒Problems of Symbol Congestion in Computer Languages (ASCII Jam; Unicode; Fortress)Syntax Design: Use of Unicode Matching Brackets as Specializ…

Mac OS X Keyboard Layout, Keymapping, Keybinding, Tools

Perm url with updates: OS X Keyboard Layout, Keymapping, Keybinding, ToolsXah Lee, 2011-06-05This page is a collection of methods and utilities for keybinding, keymapping, for Mac OS X.The list are from most simple to more advanced.Swapping ModifiersThis is builtin. See: Mac OS X: How to Swap Control, Caps Lock, Option, Command Keys.For more advanced modifier remapping (e.g. distinguish left Control vs right Control, remap Esc key, map Menu key, …), see: KeyRemap4MacBook @ Source Keyboard Shortcut in a Specific AppMac OS X since 10.4 lets you do that. Just go to System Preferences, Keyboard & Mouse, Keyboard Shortcuts. Then click the + sign at button. See: Mac OS X 10.5 Help: Creating keyboard shortcuts for applications @ Source This mechanism is not very flexible. For example, it only lets you create a key for a action that has a menu. Also, once you created a hotkey, …

Firefox 4 for PowerPC Mac

Firefox 4 does not support PowerPC Macs. You can download TenFourFox, which is Firefox compiled for PowerPC. Download at: Alternative choice is Camino. Apple no longer supports PowerPC Macs. So, its Safari (web browser) is stuck at version 4, while current version is 5. Similarly, the last version of Opera that support PowerPC Mac is 10.6x. Current version is 11. (See: History of the Opera web browser.) Google Chrome doesn't support PowerPC. With your PowerPC being obsolete, can't you install Linux? Well, Ubuntu no longer officially support PowerPC neither. Unless you are prepared to spend days, and days afterwards to maitain it, the best choice is probably stay-put with your Mac OS X 10.4.x or 10.5.x, and hope to buy a new machine soon.

Computer Keyboard: Home/End Key Cluster Arrangement: Horizontal vs Vertical

Perm url with updates: Keyboard: Home/End Key Cluster Arrangement: Horizontal vs VerticalXah Lee, 2011-06-05This article discusses the pros and cons of the Home/End key cluster arrangement on computer keyboards.There are 2 type of arrangement for the key cluster: Insert, Delete, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown. Traditionally, they are arranged in 2 rows, 3 columns. Since about 2000, some arrange it in 3 rows, 2 columns.Left: Traditional arrangement of Home/End, keys. Right: Vertical arrangement. If you read a lot keyboard review comments online, you'll find there's no universal agreement on which is better.I used the old arrangement for 15 years (1990 to 2005) on many keyboards. (See: Computer Keyboards Gallery.) Then, i used the new arrangement for 2 years on a new keyboard. (Microsoft Wireless Natural Multimedia keyboard) Initially, i hated the new arrangement, but after using it for 2 years, i got used to it. Th…