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Lulz Security Farewell Note

Perm url with updates: Security Farewell NoteXah Lee, 2011-06-25Lulz Security (a hacker group), today said goodbye. . /$$ /$$ /$$$$$$ .| $$ | $$ /$$__ $$ .| $$ /$$ /$$| $$ /$$$$$$$$| $$ \__/ /$$$$$$ /$$$$$$$ .| $$ | $$ | $$| $$|____ /$$/| $$$$$$ /$$__ $$ /$$_____/ .| $$ | $$ | $$| $$ /$$$$/ \____ $$| $$$$$$$$| $$ .| $$ | $$ | $$| $$ /$$__/ /$$ \ $$| $$_____/| $$ .| $$$$$$$$| $$$$$$/| $$ /$$$$$$$$| $$$$$$/| $$$$$$$| $$$$$$.$ .|________/ \______/ |__/|________/ \______/ \_______/ \_______/ //Laughing at your security since 2011! .-- .-""-. . ) ( ) . ( ) ( . / ) . (_ _) 0_,-.__ . (_ )_ |_.-._/ . ( ) |lulz..\ . (__) |__--…

Xah's Emacs Tutorial Poll 2011-06-25

Do you like xah's emacs tutorial writing to be:① Just facts and tips, less or no personal stories or opinions, like text books.② Good tips and emacs info, plus some background intro or opinion to sweeten it up is nice, like tech magazines.③ I've read at least 10 of your articles. They are balanced as is.Vote at: Result will be posted there in a week.2011-07-03 Results:2 (15%) ① Just facts and tips, professional; less or no personal stories or opinions.6 (46%) ② Good tips and emacs info, plus some background intro, personal info or opinion, to sweeten it up is nice.6 (46%) ③ I've read at least 10 of your articles. They are balanced as is.Total vote: 13. Each voter can make more than one choice.

Visual Art: Misc Watercolors

Perm url with updates: Art: Misc WatercolorsXah Lee, 2011-06-25Some misc watercolors. I love watercolors. (actually probably none of the following are watercolors, but oh well.) “lokman ga 080924” (2008-09) By Lokman Lam. Source “Colorless” By Patipat Asavasena (aka asuka111) (b1984) asuka111.netSource “Gia” by WarrenLouw. Done in Photoshop. Source “Sink” (2006) By James Jean. (b1979) Source 2011-06-25 thanks to Adolfo Benedetti for helping identify a artwork.

Born This Way (Lady Gaga & Weird Al)

Perm url with updates: This Way (Lady Gaga & Weird Al)Xah Lee, 2011-06-25 “Lady Gaga - Born This Way” «Perform This Way (Parody of “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga)» Weird Al - White & NerdyWrong Hole SongCandy Mountain CaveWhat's It Gonna Be? (Video)Britney Spears Womanizer Song Parody (video)

Diacritics: Trema, Umlaut, Macron, Circumflex, and All That

Perm url with updates: Trema, Umlaut, Macron, Circumflex, and All ThatXah Lee, 2011-06-24You know the accent mark of 2 dots above a char, like this ö? That is often called umlaut, but a more correct term to describe that accent mark is Trema. Accent mark itself is called Diacritic. I've always been fascinated by these symbols and their names, since teen.Here's a list of common diacritics and their names:acute ( ´ ). café, décor, déjà vu, résumé, risqué, Chopin's étude, fiancée, ingénue.grave ( ` ). crème de la crème (see: One Night in Bangkok), ménage à trois (see: Art of Sexual Positions.), Perl's raison d'être.breve ( ˘ ).cedilla ( ¸ ). façade.circumflex ( ˆ ). coup de grâce, mêlée (as in melee weapon in gaming.), my rôle.macron ( ¯ ).trema (diaeresis/umlaut) ( ¨ ). zoölogy, reënact, naïve, Chloë.Note that some foreign char such as ñ in Spanish, is not considered as n with a accent mark. It …

rsync Windows to unix File Permissions

Perm url with updates: Windows to unix File PermissionsXah Lee, 2011-06-24File permission has always been a ass. I worked as a web server programer and sys admin. Often, when our system was deployed elsewhere by others, and something mysteriously doesn't work, chances are, it's file permissions. The unix file perm system is particularly fucked up. Here's some notes about using rsync between Windows and unix.• In Windows 7 (ACL), to make a dir accessible to all, you need to add the “other” user, with this syntax: ‹comp name›\Users. For example, on my PC, it is h3-HP\Users. This corresponds to the unix's notion of “other”. (to change file perm, get properties on the dir, then “Security” tab. The GUI is rather confusing if you are not familiar with ACL.)• When you rsync from Windows to unix, adding the “-p” for preserve permission does not seem to work. e.g. my source dir on Windows is readable by a…

Picasa Pains: Using Picasa Web as Backup; Sync All Folders

Perm url with updates: Pains: Using Picasa Web as Backup; Sync All FoldersDoes Picasa Modify Original Image?Xah Lee, 2010-02-14, 2011-01-09, 2011-06-23Started to use Google's Picasa for managing photos and images, and possibly later i'll also use Google's Picasa Web Albums.Face Recognition for Easy TaggingGoogle's software are quite the best among competitors. For example, Picasa features face recognition. This can let you easily organize your photos of family and friends. It is also integrated with Google's Blog and Google Earth. So, you can easily comment a photo and publish it on Bloggger or Google Earth. Face recognition is a very difficult problem. Such software are usually sold for tens of thousands of dollars in security industry. I'm not aware of any consumer level photo software that has face recognition feature. Google made it free!Does Picasa Move or Modify My Original Photos?Two of the things i really love…

Programing Language: Qi lisp, Mark Tarver, Marketing

Perm url with updates: Qi Lisp Fails and Clojure SucceedsXah Lee, 2011-06-17, 2011-10-19I was just putting my rant on lisp's cons on my website, and in the process, i made a link to the logo for Qi lisp the language, and tried to revisit Qi's home page, then i discovered, for the nth time, how bad is Mark Tarver's marketing of Qi lang.Qi Lisp Language LogoMark Tarver, a great computer scientist, inventor of the award-winning functional language Qi, is really the world's worst marketer. Of the few announcements he occasionally posted here (on comp.lang.lisp) about his project, often, the links are broken, or the video file of his lecture not playable.While i was visiting Qi's home page today at, first thing is that the first link, and most important link, “The Shen Project”, is a broken link 〔〕. C'mon, that's first link on the ho…

How To: Show Day of Week in Windows 7 Taskbar

How To: Show Day of Week in Windows 7 TaskbarGo to “Control Panel”, “Region and Language”. Then, click the “Additional settings…” button. Click the “Date” tab. In the “Short date” field, put: yyyy-MM-dd,ddd. Then hit “Apply” button. This will make it look like “2011-06-23,Thu”.

Google Chrome Install Location

Perm url with updates: Chrome Installed Location: New Era of Software Install Structure?It's odd that Chrome is no longer installed under “Program Files” on Windows.On my Windows Vista, it was installed at 〔C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe〕.On my Windows 7, today, it is installed at 〔C:\Users\xah\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe〕Perhaps, due to Google Chrome's philosophy of frequent update, putting it under AppData gets around many admin privilege problems. If so, this may signify some movement about software install location structure.Notice that the new location is in a personal directory. That means, each user each will have their own copy of Chrome. Thinking in a traditional way, this means less disk use efficiency. But note that Chrome also integrates its own Adobe Flash. If you think about it, disk space is today never used up, at least not for the storage of software. (it is used up …

Using Google Chrome Sync Feature and What Google Knows About You

Perm url with updates: Google Chrome Sync Feature and What Google Knows About YouXah Lee, 2011-06-22A nice feature of Google Chrome. It has a sync feature. If you work in multiple computers (e.g. at work, home, laptop), you can use sync so that all your {bookmark, preferences, extensions (aka add-ons)} will be available without you having to find and install each of them.As of today, the following items can be synced:bookmarkautofillpasswordspreferencesappsextensionsthemesYou can also choose which to not be synced.Turning On Sync FeatureTo turn it on, click on the wrench icon on upper right then “Options▸Personal Stuff▸Sync”.Google Chrome sync screen Suppose you turned on sync at work. Then, at home, just turn on sync and your Google Chrome will have the same setup as at work.For each item you put a checkmark, it means Google will have that info on their server.View Your Private Data Stored by GoogleYou can view all the data Go…

Turning off Windows7 Auto Snap Feature (Aero Snap)

Perm url with updates: off Windows7 Auto Snap Feature (Aero Snap)Xah Lee, 2011-06-22In Windows 7, there's a window auto snap feature called Aero Snap. When you drag a window to any edge of the screen, it automatically snap and resize the window. Also, holding the Win key then press any of the arrow key also works. (See: Windows Logo Key Keyboard Shortcuts.)You can turn this feature off.To turn it off, just go to the Control Panel, “Ease of Access Center”, then the “Make the mouse easier to use”.Note that this will also turn off the snap feature using keys. That's too bad, because i would like just the mouse activation off, but the key such as maximize by 【Win+↑】 and minimize by 【Win+↓】, and snap to side by 【Win+→】 and max only vertically by 【Win+Shift+↑】 … etc are quite useful. Some of these you can do by 【Alt+Space】 then n or x but isn't as convenient. Extra tip: 2 things i find greatly useful is: ① makin…

Boxxy Does Drugs!

Boxxy Does Drugs “Boxxy Does Drugs” See: Magibon, Boxxy (4chan personality video).

HTML5, Validation, Doctype, and Why Do I Hate Hackers

Perm url with updates: Doctype, Validation, X-UA-Compatible, and Why Do I Hate HackersXah Lee, 2011-06-21I'm giving up on html validation. Fuck the W3C. Fuck Google. Fuck Apple. Fuck Microsoft. Fuck Firefox.In the past 10 years, i've been quite strict and stern about html validation. However, every little thing you do run into problems. In embedding YouTube videos, in adding Google search widgets, adding Comment System, in embedding Twitter or Facebook widgets, in adding ads, in mirroring documents from other sources (e.g. Emacs Lisp Manual.)…. Normally, it might take 5 min to do a job. But with concern about correct HTML, it takes n hours to research and find a solution that work across browsers yet still correct. See:HTML Correctness and ValidatorsGoogle Earth KML Validation FuckupPrograming: Google and Amazon Generates Invalid HTMLW3C HTML Validator InvalidW3C HTML Validation Problem: p in liHow to Embed Video with…

ErgoEmacs and Windows VirtualStore

ErgoEmacs and Windows VirtualStoreIn Windows 7, ErgoEmacs will recognize files in the VirtualStore location.that means, if you want to modify some files in 〔c:/Program Files/〕 such as C:/Program Files (x86)/ErgoEmacs/ergoemacs/init_load_packages.el you can do so without having to edit the file as admin.Windows 7 will create the virtual file at %homepath%/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/and when ErgoEmacs is relaunched, it'll recognize the ones in virtualstore not sure if this is due to gnu emacs 23.x change or something changed from Windows Vista to 7. (if anyone know, it'd be greate to know for curiosity. Post! After 2 years, am still Windows newb. lol.)See also: Windows Vista VirtualStore ProblemWindows Environment VariablesUsing PowerShell to Manage Environment Variables.

Windows Logo Key Keyboard Shortcuts

Perm url with updates: Logo Key Keyboard ShortcutsXah Lee, 2011-06-21This page lists all Windows logo key shortcuts that works in Windows 7. if it doesn't work in Windows 7, it's not listed here.In general, any key combo with the Win key is a global keyboard shortcut. Key combo that start with the Menu key (aka “Application key”) is supposed to be application specific, but that never caught on.Introduced in Windows XP【Win+B】 Select the first icon in the Notification Area.【Win+D】 Show the desktop, or restore hidden programs when pressed a second time.【Win+E】 Open Windows Explorer (view folders).【Win+F】 Open Windows Search.【Win+Ctrl+F】 Open Search for Computers. Requires Active Directory Domain Services.【Win+F1】Open Windows Help.【Win+L】 Lock desktop or switch users.【Win+M】 Minimize all windows.【Win+Shift+M】 Restore windows that were minimized with 【Win+M】.【Win+R】 Open the Run dialog.【Win+U】 Run the Utility Manager, known…