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Young Girls, Feet and Makeup, Sexual Mores

Perm url with updates: Girls, Feet and Makeup, Sexual MoresXah Lee, 2011-07-02Cute Girl Showing Off her feet“My Barefoot Demi Pointe Work 2010” by Ally Olsen (aka allolsen). Yeah, showing off, but oohh, she's soo cute, and such a pretty feet.Well, she's just innocent, and wanted to do video of her ballet study. It's not really showing off. But then, you wonder, why you don't see ballet boys doing such videos? Of course, the answer has to do with the fundamental nature of sex. It's the same reason that syncronized swimming and cheerleaders are done by women, nay, nubile girls, while such performances by men went nowhere.The Female ExhibitionReading Notes on “Intimate Behavior” Chatty Girl on Makeup“TAG! My Makeup Story” by juicystar07 Not sure what to say.It seems to me, American Girls has this repressed cult thing about sexuality. Like, she has to defend makeup. While, Latin America (Spanish), French, cultures, of which…

Medusa: eyes up here buddy

Update: 〈Xah's Arts Blog〉 (not posted here or linked due to Google adsense restrictions)

HTML5 “address” Tag

Perm url with updates: “address” TagThe “address” tag is for contact info of the article author or page's owner. Use it like this: <address> Contact <ahref="../mary_lee.html">Mary Lee</a>. </address> The “address” tag can contain email or street address. For example: <address> Write to Mary at <ahref=""></a>. </address> The main thing is that it marks up a contact info of the article. There's no strict structure of what content inside “address” tag should be. Also, the “address” tag is often conveniently placed inside “header” or “footer” tags. (See: HTML5 Page Article Tag and Page Structure Tags.) Note: the “address” tag should NOT be used for arbitrary address that has nothing to do with the author or page owner.Here's how your browser renders it: Contact Xah Lee. dev.w3.orgBack to HTML5 Tags.

HTML5 Page Article Tag and Page Structure Tags

HTML5 Tags

Perm url with updates: TagsXah Lee, 2011-06-26, 2011-07-07This page is a COMPLETE list of HTML5 tags. Those marked with a dagger† are new in html5. HTML Structure, Meta info, Tagshtmlwrapper tag for entire file. (only DOCTYPE goes before it.)headwrapper tag for meta infometameta tag used inside “head” taglinkstyle sheet etc. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">titledocument titlebasebase URLbodywrapper tag for page contentstyleCSS stylesheetSee: HTML Basics.Page Structurenav†navigation markupheader†page's headerfooter†page's footeraside†Sidebararticle†Enclose a article. (e.g. essay)section†section markupSee: html5 tags test page: header, footer, nav, article, section, aside.Title/Section Headingh1headline 1h2headline 2h3headline 3h4headline 4h5headline 5h6headline 6hgroup†Used to group one of “h1” to “h6”.Text Blockdivgeneric block markup. Use with csspparagrap…

Wikileaks's Mastercard Parody


Browser Support of HTML “q” Tag for Quotation

Perm url with updates: Support of HTML “q” Tag for QuotationXah Lee, 2011-06-29There's a “q” tag in html, like this: <q>something</q>. This tag is in html4 and also html5. It is supposed to be a short inline quote, such as a sentence. Browsers are supposed to render it with a “curly quotation marks” wrapped around it.Test your browser here: Test Page of HTML “q” Tag.As of today (2011-06-29), all latest public version of major browsers on Windows support it. i.e. Firefox 5, Chrome 12.0.x, IE9 9.0.8112, Safari 5.0.5, Opera 11.1.Though, it's funny that in Chrome and Safari (both using the WebKit engine), it uses straight double quotes, not curly quotes. Web Browsers Unicode Support; Firefox 4 SucksUnicode Character Equivalence Support in Web BrowsersGoogle Chrome, SPDY Protocol, Browser War II

Amazon: Notice of Contract Termination Due to Potential New California Law

Perm url with updates: Closes CA Affiliate ProgramXah Lee, 2011-06-29Amazon Might Stop Affiliate Program in CaliforniaFor those of you who run websites and uses Amazon's affiliate program to monetize your writing, this is of interest.Got this email from Amazon today. Here's a excerpt, highlighting by me:For well over a decade, the Amazon Associates Program has worked with thousands of California residents. Unfortunately, a potential new law that may be signed by Governor Brown compels us to terminate this program for California-based participants. It specifically imposes the collection of taxes from consumers on sales by online retailers - including but not limited to those referred by California-based marketing affiliates like you - even if those retailers have no physical presence in the state.We oppose this bill because it is unconstitutional and counterproductive. It is supported by big-box retailers, most of which a…

Childhood Memories: Japanese Cartoons of 1970s

Perm url with updates: Memories: Japanese Cartoons of 1970sXah Lee, 2011-06-28We get old. Am in my 40s, but can still hum many tunes from cartoons when i was under 10. Now and then in the past few years, i've tried to search on the web of these old tunes in my head, to remember it, to see with adult's eye what it was about, who made the cartoon, etc. But often it's hard to search. But today, with youtube, within 1 minutes search you find the whole collection.This page lists several cartoons that are deeply in my memory. They are made in Japan, around 1970s to early 1980s, typically broadcasted in Taiwan few years later.One big thanks to 張哲生 (Jason), who took the time to collect and annotate these old cartoons. In fact he wrote a book 飛呀!科學小飛俠. His website is: In the following, Chinese excerpts are usually from his youtube annotation, and English are usually frow Wikipedia.The Adventures…

Art: M C Escher “Stars” Chameleon Polyhedron

Perm url with updates: M C Escher “Stars” Chameleon PolyhedronXah Lee, 2011-06-27M C Escher's Stars (wood engraving, 1948) Escher Stars 3D version built in Second Life by Wizard Gynoid. You can visit it in SL at Wizard Gynoid has built many polyhedrons. Here's one of them.“Living in a Fractal” Math in Second LifeAlgorithmic Mathematical Art (page 3)Art of M C EscherProjective IllusionKnitting, Chinese Knots, Braid TheoryCeltic Knots, Truchet tiles, Combinatorial Patterns

Keyboard Shortcuts Conflict in Web Browsers and Mac, Windows

Perm url with updates: Shortcuts Conflict in Web Browsers and Mac, WindowsXah Lee, 2011-06-27On Mac, the keys to switch to next/prev tab are different in different browsers. They are:【Ctrl+Tab】 (Firefox, Safari)【Ctrl+PageDown】 (Firefox)【⌘ Cmd+Shift+→】 (Safari)【⌘ Cmd+⌥ Opt+→】 (Camino)And in Opera it's the 1 and 2 on numberpad. Opera has always been the funky one, but i must say here it's the most efficient choice here (See: Opera Pain.)They are different on Windows too. The choices there are typically 【Ctrl+Tab】 or 【Ctrl+PageDown】.Fuck it. Fuck them.Best solution: get a Microsoft Keyboard and use Microsoft IntelliType, so you can create one hotkey that works across apps. This solution is simple, easy. No diddling with config files or scripting. Works pretty much the same in both Windows and Mac. (except Linux, too bad for penguins). Plus, you get a keyboard. (See: What Microsoft IntelliType Can Do and Cannot Do) Po…

Cygwin: What's Installed by Default and Which Unix Tool to Install

Perm url with updates: What's Installed by Default and Which Unix Tool to InstallXah Lee, 2011-06-27So, i got a new PC. Last time, i thought that i should try VirtualBox+Linux instead of Cygwin, because i thought that would give me several advantages: improved performance, ease of software management. (See: Unix tools on Windows: Cygwin vs VirtualBox) Well, i installed VirtualBox with Ubuntu, but haven't got the hang of it. It's quite time consuming to figure it all out. For now, am back to Cygwin. lol.Here's cygwin programs i have installed, as a record for myself.Following programs are installed by default from cygwin core (the “Base” category in the installer): GNU coreutils, GNU findutils (find, xargs, …), grep, sed, awk, tar, gzip.Following are not installed by cygwin by default, which i need. Those with a star are critical (to me). openssh (ssh) ★ zip, unzip ★ bzip2 (for “.bz2”) ★ subversion ★ make ★ patch…

Wolfram Alpha Ad: Python Unladen Swallow

Perm url with updates: Alpha Ad: Python Unladen SwallowXah Lee, 2011-06-27“what… is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”A ad from Wolfram Alpha. A ad from See also: Unladen Swallow. This screenshot is made and announced by Israel_Torres on Twitter, and retweeted by @Wolfram_Alpha. Linux Mac Windows PerceptionEmacs User at WorkEmacs Learning CurveMicrosoft Linux Adthe Origin of BSD Daemon Beastie

adding a google search box

Google has finally killed their old search APII had a old Google search code, like this, from i think ~2001 or so: <divclass="xahlee-search"> <formmethod="get"action=""> <div> <ahref=""> <imgstyle="border:none"src=""alt="Google"> </a> <inputtype="hidden"name="domains"value=""> <inputtype="text"name="q"size="31"maxlength="255"value="Search here"onclick="javascript:select();"> <inputtype="submit"name="sa"value="Search"> <inputtype="hidden"name="sitesearch"value=""> <inputtype="hidden"name="forid"value="1"> <inputtype="hidden"name="ie&qu…

Emacs User at Work


Citation Problems on the Web

Citation Problems on the WebDiscovered a website is nice if you often needs to cite links. Citing links, especially in academic contexts, is problematic due to link rot. The destination link become a dead link, or it may change content to something you didn't expect, or the domain owner can change hands and all things fly (e.g. sold to porn sites).So, it comes Apparently, Wikipedia is starting to use it. I might too.

A Egregious Case of Twitter Spam

Perm url with updates: Egregious Case of Twitter SpamXah Lee, 2011-06-26Spammers are everywhere, and this week there's egregious one on twitter. It grabs part of my blog article and put it on its own ad-ridden website, with no link back, and has 10 different twitter accounts all tweeting it. Here's a screenshot:Screenshot of a Twitter spammer. Also, it seems to change some of its account pictures every day. Usually some innocent-looking chick.The short url they used is 〔〕. It redirect to this 〔〕.Twitter spammer site screenshot. The twitter accounts are: MaragareHarp, RosalieHoffmann, JimmyHymel, StaceeHailey, DarrinKollman, GlennPeacock, IsmaelSchanz, TrumanHare, YeeSowder, Tilliecquha.My original article is this: rsync Windows to unix File Permissions.2011-…

Secure Deletion, File Shredding, on Windows, Linux, Mac

Updated: List of Great Windows and Mac Software.Just discovered that Windows since XP comes with a command-line tool called “cipher”, which can be used to securely delete files. Shit. Why am i not told about this? I spent several hours when i need to do that in 2010. Updated: Secure Deletion, File Shredding, on Windows, Linux, Mac.Question: What tools i can use to monitor network traffic? either build-in or 3rd-party. I like to have a graph view (e.g. as in Task Manager) but also nice are tool that lets me know detail, such as what IP/port that's incoming/outgoing. Command line is fine. Or even some tutorial. Thanks.2011-06-28 Answer: start “Task Manager” (taskmgr.exe), then “Performance” tab, then “Resource Monitor …” (perfmon.exe). Or, just start “perfmon.exe”, then click on the “Open Resource Monitor”.You can also use command line “netstat”. Or, if you want to sniff packets, install Wireshark.