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Google Dictionary and Google Chrome Dictionary Extension

Google Dictionary and Google Chrome Dictionary ExtensionDiscovered a Google English dictionary, at's really nice about it is that if you are using Google Chrome web browser, you can install a extension that lets you double-click on a word in any webpage and its definition will be shown in a popup window. It includes a human-spoken recording of the pronunciation, and you can click to go to the dictionary site for example usage (gathered from the web)You can download Google Chrome web browser at can download the extension at: Source American Heritage Dictionary vs Merriam Webster CollegiateWordy English — the Making of Belles-LettresEmacs: Perl PHP Dictionary Wikipedia Google … Reference lookup

thanks for donation

Thanks to Xiang Xin Luo for donation.For those of you who bought my Emacs Tutorial, just send me a email and i'll mail you a update. ( In the subject, put “xah emacs tutorial update”.Buy at Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial. Thank you for support!Also thanks to Stanley Rabinowitz of for donation, for the Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves project.Note that you can purchase the entire project as downloadable file for easy reading on your computer or iPad. See: Buy A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves. I still don't have Mathematica files updated yet, but you'll get free update when available.Thank you for support!

Emacs: unique buffer names; auto-compile elisp files

Emacs: unique buffer names; auto-compile elisp filesIf you work with files of the same name often, their buffers name is hard to distinguish. e.g. {“index.html”, “index.html <2>”, “index.html <3>”}. You can make the buffer name display part of the dir name. Place the following in your emacs init file:;; make buffer names easily identifiable (require 'uniquify) ; bundled with GNU Emacs 23.2.1 or earlier (setq uniquify-buffer-name-style 'forward) auto byte-compile elisp filesIf you code elisp, it's nice to have the elisp file automatically byte-compiled everytime you save it. Put the following in your emacs init file:;; auto compile elisp files after save (add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook (lambda () (add-hook 'after-save-hook 'emacs-lisp-byte-compile t t)) ) Note that a byte-compiled lisp file will make emacs load it faster, but also run faster. The code run at least 6 times faster. However, for small elisp files (such as your 〔.emacs〕), the speed incre…

Rheotomic Surfaces (link)

Rheotomic Surfaces by Daniel PikePotential flow img srcLaplacian circle packing. img srcRheotomic surface. Source A really beautiful blog, with explanations: Rheotomic Surfaces (2009-02-06) By Daniel Piker. @ spacesymmetrystructure.wordpress.comHis blog is full of beautiful things. Highly recommended. Subscribe.See also:Hyperboloid of One SheetHyperboloid Towers (page 1)Jerónimos Monastery

Google+, Marketing and Circles

Perm url with updates: Which Circle to Put Your Friends In; Google+ Real Name Account DebateGet your Xah Particle Maker today! Xah Lee, 2011-07-15Google+ Real Name Account DebateRecently there's a debate, complaint, mostly from Second Life players, about Google+'s policy of account names. Namely, Goole+ is starting to ban accounts whose name does not seem like real people names. On the web, many notable Second Life personalities are lobbying or boyscotting Google+. See here and collection of blogs and press articles about it: My Google+ Profile has been suspended because I'm using my Second Life avatar identity (2011-07) By “Opensource Obscure” @ Source you don't know what g+ is, see Wikipedia: Google+)I say: fuck avatars. Shows ur rl face.remember like 10 years ago in the late 1990s or early 2000s, when the Cyperspace has the saying that nobody knew you are a dog? and when you went to onl…

Emacs: perl-mode vs cperl-mode

Perm url with updates: perl-mode vs cperl-modeXah Lee, 2011-07-13In emacs, there are 2 modes for perl: perl-mode and cperl-mode. Both are included in emacs 23. perl-mode is the simpler of the two. This page is a comparisonn of their syntax coloring features. By default, perl-mode is loaded when you open a perl script.perl-mode is originally written by William F Mann (aka Bill Mann). 1023 lines of code.cperl-mode is primarily written by Ilya Zakharevich. 8987 lines of code.Syntax Coloring Comparisonperl-mode Syntax Coloringcperl-mode Syntax ColoringIn emacs, the global variable “font-lock-maximum-decoration” controlls how much coloring you want. The syntax coloring in the above pages have “font-lock-maximum-decoration” set at 2.If you find cperl's coloring too wild, you can set the value to 1. (just call “set-variable”) or put this in your emacs init file: (setq font-lock-maximum-decoration 2). Call “describe-variable” to …

What Programing Language Are the Largest Website Written In?

Perm url with updates: Programing Language Are the Largest Websites Written In?Xah Lee, 2011-07-12I don't remember how, but today i suddenly got reminded that Facebook is written in PHP. So, on the spur of the moment, i tweeted:Remember folks, the world's largest sites {Facebook, Wikipedia, “Yahoo!”, etc} are written in Pretty Home Page!and followed with:To Chinese friends, what's Baido, QQ, Taobao, Sina written in?Then, this question piqued me, even i knew that i should never waste my time with such a trifle. But before i can resist, i already spent 20 min to write this list (with help of Google):1 Google ◇ Java2 Facebook ◇ PHP3 YouTube ◇ Python4 Yahoo! ◇ PHP5 ◇ Java6 ◇ C/C++. perl/python/ruby7 Wikipedia ◇ PHP8 Windows Live live.com9 ◇ Scala backend, Ruby frontend?10 ◇ ?11 ◇ ?13 LinkedIn ◇ PHP?15 ◇ ?16 ◇ ?17 ◇ ?18 ◇ PHP…

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in Star-Spangled Attires

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in Star-Spangled AttiresJon Stewart and Stephen Colbert at Rally to Restore Sanity (2010). img srcimg srcSee also: ASOS Sequin Bandeau Dress in Stars and Stripes and Banners & Damsels & Mores.

what does “trope” means here?

what does “trope” means here?in the blog article by a journalist: Why I quit my job (2011-07-08) By Kai Nagata. @ Source, there's the following passage. I want to know what “trope” there meant?Jon Stewart talks about a “right-wing narrative of victimization,” and what it has accomplished in Canada is the near-paralysis of progressive voices in broadcasting. In the States, even Fox News anchor Chris Wallace admitted there is an adversarial struggle afoot – that, in his view, networks like NBC have a “liberal” bias and Fox is there to tell “the other side of the story.” Well, Canada now has its Fox News. Krista Erickson, Brian Lilley, and Ezra Levant each do a wonderful send-up of the TV anchor character. The stodgy, neutral, unbiased broadcaster trope is played for jokes before the Sun News team gleefully rips into its targets. But Canada has no Jon Stewart to unravel their ideology and act as a counterweight. Our satirists are toothless and boring, with the notable e…

Emacs: Defining Alias to Increase Productivity

Perm url with updates: Defining Alias to Increase ProductivityXah Lee, 2010, …, 2011-07-10In emacs, you can define your own keyboard shortcuts such as F6 for frequently used commands. (See: Define Keyboard Shortcuts.) But if you use emacs extensively, you may have all easy keys used up. A alternative to keyboard shortcuts is to make command names 1 or 2 letters short.For example, here's my aliases: (defalias 'yes-or-no-p 'y-or-n-p) ; y or n is enough (defalias 'list-buffers 'ibuffer) ; always use ibuffer ; shortening of often used commands (defalias 'rn 'wdired-change-to-wdired-mode) ; rename file in dired (defalias 'g 'grep) (defalias 'gf 'grep-find) (defalias 'fd 'find-dired) (defalias 'ntr 'narrow-to-region) (defalias 'lml 'list-matching-lines) (defalias 'dml 'delete-matching-lines) (defalias 'dnml 'delete-non-matching-lines) (defalias 'sl 's…

ASOS Sequin Bandeau Dress in Stars and Stripes

Perm url with updates: Sequin Bandeau Dress in Stars and StripesXah Lee, 2011-07-10 “ASOS Sequin Bandeau Dress in Stars and Stripes” $129.29 Source us.asos.comTruely beautiful.Back view.Full-body photo of the model with the dress. O, lovely feet!Close up of the Red White Blue glory.