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Choi Sung-Bong - Nella Fantasia

Perm url with updates: Sung-Bong - Nella FantasiaXah Lee, 2011-08-06A 22-years-old Korean vocal talent, with unusual background, sings Sarah Brightman's Nella Fantasia. In just 30 days, it got 10.6 million views on youtube. (that's about 355k views per day.)This is when music makes you cry. It made me. Korea's Got Talent tvN 코리아 갓 탤런트 Ep.1 Sung-bong Choi!!!.avi See Wikipedia for more detail about the guy: Choi Sung-Bong. Note: «His full answer was edited to make his story more appealing for TV.» The song he sung is Nella Fantasia (In My Fantasy). It's in Italian. Music by Ennio Morricone (b1928), lyrics by Chiara Ferraù. Here's the lyrics: Nella Fantasia (Italian) Nella fantasia io vedo un mondo giusto, Lì tutti vivono in pace e in onestà. Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere, Come le nuvole che volano, Pien' d'umanità in fondo all'anima. Nella fantasia io vedo un mond…

Programer Humor: Stack Overflow Offline Page

Perm url with updates: Humor: Stack Overflow Offline PageXah Lee, 2011-08-06Screenshot of Stack Overflow Offline Page (2011-08-06T13:49:05-07:00)Note that the ^M represents the ASCII 13, carriage return. Any ^ followed by a letter represents a ASCII non-printable char. The ^@ is ASCII 0, the Null character. See: Emacs's Key Notations Explained (/r, ^M, C-m, RET, <return>, M-, meta).Programer Humor: Emacs User at Workunix humor: the Origin of BSD Daemon BeastieProgramer Humor: Byte Magazine Cover on LISP, A Space Odyssey, NietzscheLinux Mac Windows PerceptionGeek Humor: Microsoft Linux AdEmergency vi (vi tutorial)

Insider Look of Google Search with 3 Top Google Engineers

Insider Look of Google Search with 3 Top Google EngineersA very enjoyable video that gives a insider look at Google's search engine and how the team works.It is in a format of a interview, featuring the well-known Google search quality engineer Matt Cutts, and engineer Ben Gomes (the man behind Google Instant and UI) and Amit Singhal (the “brain” of Google search engine). Danny Sullivan, of the fame, is the moderator, and he asked great questions.“2011-08-03 Inside Google's Search Office: Matt Cutts, Ben Gomes, and Amit Singhal”The video is ~90 minutes long, but very enjoyable and informative, easygoing.Google Search Problems & Alternative Search EnginesGoogle's nofollow RuleGoogle Sidewiki BlockDomain Names, Cybersquatting, Resell MarketWhy Does Google Give SEO Advice?Google Search Ranking Ingredients (SEO secrets)Google Chrome, SPDY Protocol, Browser War IIGoogle Ice Cream; Can Google Be Trusted?

5927 links to Wikipedia

Just regenerated Wikipedia link report for my website. Now at 5927 links to Wikipedia articles, spread among 1406 pages. See: Links to Wikipedia from

Underwater Wonderland Alice Photography by Elena Kalis

Underwater Alice Photography (by Elena Kalis)

Open Source = Power To the People?

Open Source = Power to the People?Recently discovered a communism expert Catherine A Fitzpatrick. In the following article, she criticizes open source movement:What is Technocommunism and the Internet of Things? (2010-04-18) By Catherine Fitzpatrick. @ Source secondthoughts.typepad.comOne part that caught my eye. Quote:• those proclaiming they have liberated content or put the free tools into the workers' hands have merely commodified relationships and driven companies relentlessly to having to sell ads or sell lists of people to data mine — ultimately technocommunism subverts and perverts what it invades with lies about being for the public's good, and harms the public interest.So, indeed, with the great success of open source, comes today's situation that every page is plastered with ads. Even many hard core tech geeking programers, put Google Ads on their personal home pages that offer their free software. Ten years ago, it is unthinkable act. They are the very people …

Become a Man/Woman for a Day

Perm url with updates: Would You Do If You Can Become a Man or Woman For a Day?Xah Lee, 2011-08-05On Google Plus social networking site, 西乔 made the following interesting question. (it's in Chinese. My translation follows each sentence.)@西乔: «如果给你一天时间,让你变成对立的性别。(男人变成女人,女人变成男人)你会用来干啥。(你能不能来得及找到一个性伴侣)。。。»
«if you can become the opposite sex for a day (man → woman, woman → man), what would you do? (would you be able to catch a one-night stand?) …»The following are some funny comments: @David Zhang - 头一天我自慰,收集自己的精子,第二天我注入自己的阴道,我就自体繁殖了。
«First day i masturbate, collect my sperm. 2nd day i inject it into my vagina, thus i'd have multiplied.»

@Don zheng - 一天能做很多事情了。但我并不想变啊!
«lots things can be done in one day. But i don't want change!»

@来来来 - 尝试一下G点的临床体验...
«let's get some first hand experience of the G-spot…»

@韦观者 - +三少 我要去找一个干爹………………………………
«find a sugar daddy…»

@Yi Hou - 就鄙人的相貌而言,变成女人那只能是一个更大的杯具
«judging from m…

Why Playboy Centerfold Photography Are So Ugly?

〈Why Playboy Centerfold Photography Are So Ugly?〉 @ linked due to Google AdSense policy.

Lady slipper


What Your Google Plus Stradegy Should Be?

Perm url with updates: Your Google Plus Stradegy Should Be?Xah Lee, 2011-08-04am wondering what's my g+ strategy should be here. g+ is already sucking like 5 hours per day for me in past weeks. Should reduce. Anyhow, i wonder if i should post random or what…normally, my posts are tightly controlled. e.g. 1 per 3 hours or such, selected article, dense. (never any shit such as cat pics or whatnot)but seeing lots of others especially those bigshots with thousands of followers, i think the vast majority use social network for cat pics, random chat.then, the other large group is SEO/Marketing scumbags. e.g. boing boing is a good example. They are basically enhanced cat pics type.Normally, i wouldn't post even this, because, who the fuck cares? think of human history, who the fuck care what the fuck some currently popular company created a fucking so-called “social network” that each person can post and on the question of “…

Change your Google Ad preferences, or Opt Out

Perm url with updates: your Google Ad preferences, or Opt OutXah Lee, 2011-08-04Adjust your Google Ad preferences, or Opt Out: are my interests according to Google:Arts & EntertainmentArts & Entertainment - Movies - Drama FilmsArts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - Dance & Electronic MusicArts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - Folk & Traditional MusicArts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - ... - Song Lyrics & TabsArts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - Pop MusicArts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - Rock MusicArts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - ... - Indie & Alternative MusicArts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - Urban & Hip-Hop - Rap & Hip-HopArts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - World Music - East Asian MusicArts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - ... - Reggae & Caribbean MusicArts & Entertainment - TV & Video - Online VideoBeauty & Fitness - Body ArtComputers & Electronics -…

lisp history, MULTICS vs UNIX, PL/I, ...

lisp history, MULTICS vs UNIX, PL/I, …Got this accolade, and it made my day:…The original version of MULTICS (the predecessor of UNIX (TM) , the precedessor of Linux) was written in PL/I. (Yes, I'm as old as that.......) kind regards, andyPS. and one more note: Xah Lee wrote very well about the history of LISP/AI/functional programming, to my opinion.From this thread: Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp From: “Antti Ylikoski” 〔antti.yliko…〕 Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 18:14:23 +0300 Local: Sun, Jul 31 2011 8:14 am Subject: Re: Lisp Celebrities and Computing History from Worse Is Better Source was a comment to my article: Lisp Celebrities from Worse Is Better. Mark Tarver, the elusive computer scientist who created the Qi language, also commented.See also:Qi Lisp Language LogoWhy Qi Lisp Fails and Clojure Succeeds

Second Life Dolcett: You for Dinner

New article.〈Second Life Dolcett〉 and may be very offensive. Not linked due to Google AdSense policies.

NoSQL Comics

NoSQL?Found this comic:Comic by John Muellerleile (@jrecursive)See also essay: The NoSQL Movement.

Second Life: Math Lorenz Attractor

Perm url with updates: Life: Math Lorenz AttractorGet your Xah Particle Maker today! Xah Lee, 2011-08-013 screenshots of a visualization of the math non-linear dynamic system called Lorenz attractor. Lorenz attractorLorenz attractorLorenz attractorThese are scripted by Sleeves Rhode.For another version made of prims, see: Math in Second Life.1, 2, 3, 4 Want to dash through walls?
Try Xah Tele-Dasher!

Accosted By a Sexy Anonymous

Accosted By a Sexy Anonymousgot this comment the other day:Anonymous said:Bro you are a god among. I love you. Meet me and we can have RL sexy times.Xah Lee said:r u a sexy anonymous?Anonymous said:Perhaps… Why don't you see for yourself? I will be at the corner of W El Camino and W El Monte Ave, at the McDonalds today at 4pm our time. Just so you can find me, I have blonde hair and blue eyes and am 5'11. I will be wearing a white halter top.see comment at: i axing a big opportunity?Note she mentioned blue eyes and blonde hair. That's my achilles's heel as i've blogged here and there. And she pinpointed the locality, and she might be local. She must've read maybe alot bout me. But i don't know anything about her. Is this a joke? or is she a real fan?what would you do?To the sexy anonymous if you are reading this: yeah i still want sex. But what is it you want?

Joke: girl in hotel with amenities

A joke from the web:美女住酒店一晚结账时账单800元,她抱怨太贵。经理说这是标准收费,酒店附设泳池、健身房和wifi。美女说自己完全没使用,经理说饭店有提供,是她自己不用。 女客人打开皮包掏钱付账,但说要扣除经理和她共度春宵的700元,只拿出100元。经理急呼:“我哪有?”女客人:“我有提供,是你自己不用。”.Translation: a pretty girl is checking out in a hotel, the bill is $800. She complains it's too much. Manager says its standard fare, hotel features swimming pool, gym, and wifi. The girl said she didn't use any of it. Manager says: but it's provided. The girl proceeds to make a payment, but deduct $700 for bedding with manager, so pays only $100. Manager panicked and said: when did i? Girl said: but it's provided.See also: Woman with Good Legs (Humor).

Autism Symptoms by image

Autism SymptomsMore detail: Autism Test.

reminder for Belles-lettres followers

Dear my blog readers,remember i started a new blog about a week ago, named 〈Xah's Belles-lettres Blog〉 or 〈Wordy English blog〉. It's blog of letters: english vocabulary, writing style, literature, languages, linguistics matters — the fancies of my pen. posts there will not be repeated here, even though this blog is the aggregate. So, go forward and feel it and subscribe it at