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Xah's Programing Language Tutorials

Xah's Programing Language Tutorialspost from g+.For those of you programers, i write tutorials for several computer languages, Usually i cover only the basics, with lots examples, and without any “engineering” or “computer science” talk. I want it that way so that programers can quickly learn the language as it is. Like, if you type THIS, then THAT will happen on your computer.few decades ago, programers can know it all. But today, like most sciences, programing has branched into hundreds of specialized fields and tens of general purposes computer languages, all widely used.If you want to learn the lang, please give my tutorial a shot. Let me know what you think.of the following tutorials, the Emacs Lisp is the best. Most in depth and comprehensive, and no commercial book comes close in either aspect, except Lisp Manual.• Xah Emacs Lisp TutorialPerl am quite a expert, but my tutorial of it really doesn't cover that much, but covers more for python, even though i haven't c…

Third Person Writing for Author Profile

On Google+ i do hate those who write their own profile in third person. Like:Dr. Xah Lee is professor of philology at University of Bovine. He is a renowned programer and philosopher. He has helped tens of thousand people to better themselves. He has won several awards, and is a recipient of Noble Prize. He is also SEO of Grandiloquence International. He is nominated as the Savior of the Year 2020.Rule: If you write it yourself, don't third person it.If anyone doesn't know, vast majority of such, actually i think all of it, in book covers, journal article intro, etc, are written by the person himself. I haven't researched the history of this practice per se, but this convention established precisely for the purpose to make it sound neutral and true, and they do that to sell the journal/book. In short, it's a marketing gimmick!

The Google+ Rap

“The Google+ Rap”Added to What is Google Plus and Google+ Songs (humor).

Google Chrome reports Malware Site

Here's a Google Chrome screenshot, reporting that a site has been hacked.Google Chrome warning on the site 〔〕, captured on 〔2011-08-18T15:07:21-07:00〕.The site belongs to a popular photographer Trey Ratcliff Trey Ratcliff on g+.If you need a invite to g+, click on this you don't know what is g+, see: What is Google Plus? (humor).

Emacs Lisp: HTML Processing: Split Annotation

Perm url with updates: Lisp: HTML Processing: Split AnnotationXah Lee, 2011-08-16This page shows a example of emacs lisp for processing HTML. The HTML files are classical novels. The annotation markups need to change from one format into another. There are hundreds of such pages that need to be processed.ProblemSummaryFor all HTML files in a directory, find any annotation markup containing the bullet “•” symbol: <divclass="x-note">A ⇒ … • B ⇒ … • C ⇒ …</div> Split the annotation into multiple markups, like this: <divclass="x-note">A ⇒ … </div> <divclass="x-note">B ⇒ … </div> <divclass="x-note">C ⇒ … </div> DetailIf you are a contract web dev programer, then you know that 99.99% of websites are a messy text soup. They are created by hundreds of tools or languages. Word processors, HTML generators, tens of lighweight marku…

TV Has Arrived on The Web

Perm url with updates: Has Arrived on The WebXah Lee, 2011-08-16it is disgusting.y'know how these days there's lots of web2.0 show on YouTube? like, they talk about latest gadgets, latest web stuff such as g+, and Apple stuff, and the like.i watched a couple this week, from links in g+ circles. These shows, are becoming disgusting. At first, about 5 years back, it started with so-called podcast, then videocast but they so-call it webcast (these web fashion idiots with their jargons). So, back then, it was relatively new. They are done by creative people. Though i haven't used them much, but from a couple i've listened to or watched, they are pretty interesting, precisely because they are from non-commercial, creative individuals, who's says are usually interesting.But today, when you watch these on youtube, they are just like from TV. With, intro commercials, sparkling 3D logo flying about, 10 secs of spiffy roll tel…

Google Webmaster Advices Hurt Quality Writers

Google Webmaster Advices Hurt Quality WritersGoogle's Matt Cutts just put out a new Google Webmaster Video:“Underscores vs dashes in URLs”this really sucks, and is a prime example how google giving SEO advice really hurts real content creators who are not familiar with SEO.because google is doing this, as shown in this video, it gives companies and spammers who has lots of money and time to fine tune their website for ranking higher, while vast majority of others high quality content producers, e.g. professors who blogs occasionally, won't know nor care about these things. So, their high quality writing went down.this annoys me personally too by the logic of the choice. I write for the web since 1996, and have a domain since 2000. I am a programer. When writing for website, i choose underscore _ as space separators for file names, not dash. Because, when forced between these 2 choices, underscore is a better choice to stand for space because dash has significance in english wo…

What is Google Plus? (humor)

Perm url with updates: is Google Plus? (humor)Xah Lee, 2011-08-16xkcd comics on Google+Google+ video starring Ashley Pitmanthe Google+ SongThe hot chick is Ashley Pitman.The song is sung by by Katie Hines.Music by Sean MotleyVideo directed by Andy SignoreHere's the lyrics. Check my email, got an invite To a website I don't know Looked like googlebuzz at first sight, But my friend said that's a no. Why did we need, another social network? Doesn't Facebook work alright? A new thing for me to learn This could take all night, Look out! What is this google + I don't Need google + There's another +1 and another +1 What is this google + Hey, Why's this red thing here? Go away google + Sophie's choice ⇒ a 1979 novel written by William Styron which depicts a mother at wit's end faced with a forced decision in which any and all options have equally negative outcomes. Sophie's Choice (n…

Emacs Lisp: Writing a make-citation Command

Perm url with updates: Lisp: Writing a make-citation CommandXah Lee, 2011-08-15This page shows you how to write a emacs lisp command that transforms a text block under cursor into a specific citation format.ProblemSummaryWrite a elisp command so that when called, and if cursor is somewhere in a text like this: Defective C++ By Yossi Kreinin 2007 It becomes this: <cite>Defective C++</cite> (2007) By Yossi Kreinin. @ <aclass="sorc"href=""title="accessed:2011-08-15">Source</a> DetailI write many blogs. When i make a link, i like to also include the article title, author, date. This would help solving the link rot problem. (when a link is dead, at least the reader still knows the title, author, date.) For example, here's a typical link: <ahref="…