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Katy Perry - Last Friday Night

Perm url with updates: Perry - Last Friday NightXah Lee, 2011-08-27Hilarious.Katy Perry - Last Friday NightCast (in order of appearance, show at 06:08):Katy Perry (b1984) The singer.Darren Criss (b1987) The boy behind door shouting “best party ever”Rebecca Black (b1997) The hot brunette in red coat. She became overnight sensation due to her “Friday” song. See: Rebecca Black - Friday (song)Kevin McHale (b1988) The nerd.The band: Isaac, Taylor & Zac Hanson (1985)Kenny G (b1956) Famous sax player.Dad: Corey Feldman (b1971) Teen star popular in 1980s.Mom: Debbie Gibson (b1970) Teen idol singer popular in 1980sWho's the football jockey and the cheerleader chick?Directed by Marc Klasfeld.For more detail, see: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)Lyrics: There's a stranger in my bed, There's a pounding my head Glitter all over the room Pink flamingos in the pool I smell like a minibar DJ's passed out in the yard Barbie's on the ba…

Infibulation Explained

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Swearing in Writing

Perm url with updates: in WritingXah Lee, 2011-08-26Darren Rowse, the guy who became famous as a blogger that became a millionaire thru ads, asked in his post: «Do you swear on your blog?» Source's my answer, and i have a question if anyone can help.i do it often, and for me, it's somehow natural to swear, insult, offend. e.g.Are You Intelligent Enough to Understand HTML5?IT Industry PredicamentResponsible Software LicensingProfessor Victor Mair and 肏 (Fuck)Lily Allen - Fuck You Very Muchi think that if you find it natural to do so at the moment, then do it. (it's prone to happen more in hardcore programing communities) Though, of course the writing must have content. But also, advertisers will shy away from it, as usual.Well-Known Writers Who Swearare there well-known writers who swear a lot in their writing?i've been trying to find well known writers today or in the past that are well known f…

Steve Jobs Presenting the Apple Circle Building

Perm url with updates: Jobs Presenting the Apple Circle BuildingXah Lee, 2011-08-21Steve Jobs, plans to create a new building for Apple. The building is a giant circle, 4 stories high. With capacity to host 12k people. Here's his presentation to the Cupertino City CouncilSteve Jobs looks gaunt. He's 50 something. 10 yrs older then me. I watched him since 1990. We all get old.Steve Jobs Presents to the Cupertino City Council, 2007-06-07One thing interesting about this video is that, normally, he does presentations at tech conferences, or to stock holders. Of which, he freely peddles and brags, to a large audience, from hundreds to thousands. However, here, the atmosphere is different. His audience is just a handful, and they are city councils. It's almost like a defendant vs several judges. However, his job here is still pitching, like a salesman.Note: just a month after this presentation, Jobs announced tha…

dark clouds looming

dark clouds looming, surrounding me, in a desert. because i see the stars, shining and bright, they are killing me.

Google: “Don't be Evil” vs “Don't Do Evil”

Perm url with updates: “Don't Be Evil” vs “Don't Do Evil”Xah Lee, 2011-08-22Matt Cutts, Google's search engine anti-spam leader, perhaps the most popular face at Google after its founders, posted a interesting post about the phrase “Don't Be Evil” vs “Don't Do Evil”.An interesting post about “Don't be evil.” (2011-08-22) By Matt Cutts. @ Source's excerpt:On the subject of “Don't be evil” but unrelated: sometimes people turn “Don't be evil” into “Do no evil.” What's the difference, you might ask?…So I think “Do no evil” is an impossible standard: reasonable people can disagree on which choices are evil, and for different reasons. I prefer “Don't be evil” because it leaves room for honest disagreements, but still encourages Google to strive to make the world better.Note that “Don't be evil” is Google's informal motto. See Wikipedia Don't be evil, f…

Feminism, Reality, and Disney Princesses

Perm url with updates: Princesses and Sexual Attraction Between the SexesXah Lee, 2011-08-21Some Disney Princess mockeries from the web.Disney Princesses mentality. Source unkonwn.Here's the descriptions:• Snow White: Her burgeoning sexuality is a threat to another woman, so she's killed. Her only assent, physical beauty, is what saves her in the end.• Sleeping Beauty: Betrothed at birth to solidify a political position, she is killed by another woman out of spite. Her owner… ahem… fiance, saves her with a kiss. Again, sex is her only salvation.• Jasmine of Aladdin : This princess must get married to satisfy the requirements of the law. Her reluctance to do so causes her powerful father no end of trouble. She is enslaved by a powerful man and is only saved by the wit of a street rat• Ariel of The Little Mermaid: This one drastically changes her appearance so as to be more attractive to man. The price is that s…