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Math: Fibonaci Sequence Video Fallacy

Perm url with updates: Fibonaci Sequence Video FallacyXah Lee, 2011-09-10Beware of Math Fallacies Spreading on The NetRecently this video is spreading fast on the net.“The Fibonacci Suite in It's All Beauty” [sic]A beautiful video indeed, but filled with fallacies.It would be good for math teachers to use this vid as a intro, then proceed to go into detail of every piece of math shown in the video, and point out the parts that are false.First, there's the Fibonacci sequence: {0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, …}. This is formed by adding the previous 2 terms, starting with 0 and 1.[0:32] The Fibonacci spiral, constructed by fitting quarter circle arcs on stacks of squares with sides of Fibonacci numbers. The spiral formed is a approximation of a spiral called the Equiangular Spiral (aka logarithmic spiral).The Fibonacci spiral isn't a true spiral. That is, it has kinks at every place the square connects (t…

Shakespeare vs Dr Seuss Rap Battle

Karmin - Look at Me Now

Perm url with updates: - Look at Me NowXah Lee, 2011-09-10Karmin - Look at Me Nowlyrics: Yellow model chick Yellow bottle sipping Yellow Lamborghini Yellow top missing Yup yup That stuff looks like a toupée I get what you get in 10 years, in two days [Nick] Ladies love me I'm on my cool J If you get what I get what would you say He wax it on and off, Mr Miyagi And them suicide doors, Hari Kari Look At Me Now, Look At Me Now Oh, I'm getting paper Look At Me Now Oh, Look At Me Now Yeah, fresh than a mu-what? Lil jigga bigger than gorilla Cause I'm killing every jigga that Try to be on my stuff Better cuff your man if you with him I can get him Cuz he accidentally slip fall on my crack Oops, I said on my crack I aint really mean to say on my crack But since we talking about my crack All of you haters say hi to that I'm Done… No really though i'm not done [Nick] Lets goooo cause I feel like I'm running …

Internet is For Porn

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rattlesnake photo

Rattlesnake. img srcrattlesnake rattle

Computer Keyboard Switch Mechanisms

wrote this a while ago, just cleaned up today.Computer Keyboard Switch Mechanisms

Project Gutenberg Founder Died (Michael S Hart, 1947‒2011)

Michael S Hart (1947‒2011) died on Sept 6. Cause of death is not mentioned.Here's the news sources:Obituary for Michael Stern Hart (2011-09-07) By Gregory B Newby. @ Source www.gutenberg.orgMichael Stern Hart, 1947-2011 (2011-09-07) By Maitri Erwin. @ Source vatul.netObituary for Michael Stern Hart, Project Gutenberg Founder ( (2011-09-07) By News.Ycombinator.Com. @ Source news.ycombinator.comI benefited from Project Gutenberg. Specifically, i used it to get the original text for the following 3 annotated work:The Tragedy Of Titus AndronicusGulliver's Travels into Several Remote Nations of the WorldAlice in Wonderland

2 artworks

2 ArtworksSeems to be a cover art for a japanese pregnant porn magazine. Author seems to be Murasame Maru 村雨丸. author unknown.Please comment if you know any info about these artwork.

T-Mobile Commercials: Hottie Carly Foulkes

Perm url with updates: Commercials: Hottie Carly FoulkesMobile phone commercial featuring the hottie Carly Foulkes (b1988).T-MOBILE COMMERCIAL NBA SIDEKICK 4G FASTEST DEMOMonthly MuggingT-Mobile myTouch 4G “New Ride”Look above, she's got elf ears.Step Up to Nationwide 4G Without Losing Your ShirtA Special Greeting for T-Mobile FansLook at the make up, the attire, the body languages, the script, it's all engineered to precision with the science of psychology.T-Mobile commercial dissected.Google AdsMicrosoft Bing AdsMotorola TV Ad: Apple 1984BMW CommercialsCondom Commercials

Photography is High Art?

Perm url with updates: is High Art?Xah Lee, 2011-09-04Starting to take photographers out of my circle.As a class of human animals on this earth, with respect to my taste and propensities of academic and humanity issues, i find photographers — shallow. In particular, those loud on the blogsphere (e.g. Trey Ratcliff). And, there's also the googler photo community manager Brian Rose. On g+, they are running the show. (note: if you are looking for photographers to add, just check out the above twain's posts. There are posts that collect all the pop photographers on g+, each got a myriad followers.)The word photographer is loaded. It is this quasi-artist type of folks, of which requires little imagination compared to a painter, and little skill compared to a craftsman, similar to “designer” class or other post-modernistic “artists”. If you have fingers, you are a photographer material to begin with. (contrast this with, say…

Funny Video: Cat Teasing Dog


Selena Gomez - Love You Like a Love Song

Perm url with updates: Gomez - Love You Like a Love SongXah Lee, 2011-08-27Love You Like a Love Song (2011), sung by Selena Gomez (b1992)Selena Gomez - Love You Like a Love SongThe repeat-peat-peat stuttering is a parody of Max Headroom (character), a fictional animated talking-head character that drew a craze in ~1988.The lyrics “musical, lyrical, magical”, reminds me of Supertramp's The Logical Song.Fan video featuring “Supertramp - The Logical Song”Rihanna - SOSRihanna - Pon de ReplayHard in Tango - This is My DJ (Starring Jessica Alba)Cherish - Do It To ItMichael Jackson - Billie JeanABBA - Dancing QueenSugababes - Round Round