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lisp machine keyboards

photo gallery of lisp machine keyboards: Space-cadet Keyboard and Other Lisp Keyboards

Technology for Knowledge in Past Decades

Perm url with updates: are a few technology i dreamed of when i was a teen, or anywhere from 30 to 10 years ago. Some of them have become realities today due to tech advance. Some of my tech fantasies were:① Encyclopedia at your fingertips. Find out any factual info in matter of minutes.② A world of photos of any place, on demand. That is, view collections of photos of any place on earth.③ A virtual 3D model of any building in the world. In particular, great buildings such as famous architectures, cathedrals, castles, temples, or even skyscrapers of whole city. (this aspect we often see in scifi movies. 10 years ago, in movies, it shows the wire-frame of buildings or whole city. Today's movies, upgraded such scene into a interactive holograph (e.g. latest Iron Man movie showed such).)④ Any video (including film, TV program), ever recorded, at your fingertip on demand.Most of these have become realities toda…

Dennis Ritchie, John McCarthy, Hackers

Perm URL with updates: short, a tech geeker is a hacker who is completely ignorant of social give some example using programing celebrities: Richard Stallman (RMS), Paul Graham, Jamie W Zawinski (JWZ), Eric S Raymond (ESR), Michael DeGusta, Kent Pitman, are hackers, but they are not tech geekers, because they have done things that require significant involvement with society (e.g. started company or organization), even if their stance is extreme (compare to politicians: actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Regan, silver-spoon scumbag George W Bush.).in contrast, vast majority of elite coders who slave on comp.lang newsgroups, are tech geekers.What's some example of tech geeker who are famous? I think Tom Christianson, Linus Torvalds, Rob Pike, Dennis Ritchie, are good examples.of course, in general, i despise hackers and tech geekers, with rare exceptions (e.g. i like Jamie Zawinski, Michael DeGusta, …

Mont Saint Michel abbey

art, 3D model, architecture Mont Saint-Michel in Second Life

CSS tutorial

CSS tutorial, now on its own page: Xah's CSS Tutorial.

HTML5 Audio tag doesn't support midi files

It's a pity. With html5 and all advances, it seems midi file is still not supported. Test here: HTML5 Audio Tag Midi File Test.

Lana-Del-Rey - Video-Games

Perm url with updates: Del Rey - Video Games, 2011-10-24A beautiful song by new star Lana Del Rey (b1986).“Lana Del Rey - Video Games” Lyrics: Swinging in the backyard Pull up in your fast car Whistling my name Open up a beer And you say get over here And play a video game I'm in his favorite sun dress Watching me get undressed Take that body downtown I say you the bestest Lean in for a big kiss Put his favorite perfume on Go play a video game It's you, it's you, it's all for you Everything I do I tell you all the time Heaven is a place on earth with you Tell me all the things you want to do I heard that you like the bad girls Honey, is that true? It's better than I ever even knew They say that the world was built for two Only worth living if somebody is loving you Baby now you do Singing in the old bars Swinging with the old stars Living for the fame Kissing in the blue dark Playi…

Rabbit vs Hare, Rabbit Meat Poisoning, Three-Rabits Motif, Cuniculture

Today's fun words and facts:what's the diff between rabbit vs hareprococial vs altricialcunicultureetymology and relations of the words coney and cuntSee: Rabbit vs Hare, Rabbit Meat Poisoning, Three-Rabits Motif, Cuniculture.

bagel making

Perm url with updates: My Teen Years in Bagel Making, 2011-10-23When i was a teen, i worked as a bagel maker for 3 years. Roll the dough into torus shape, and bake them. All manual work. At the time, ~1985, there's also machine rolled and machine baked. But it is said they don't taste as great. (i never verified it myself though)Bagel oven. img srcHere's what we do to make bagels.You put 40kg bag of flour, 2 pails of water, few dozens eggs, sugar, honey, malt, into a dough mixer. After 40 min, take it out. (note: 40kg and 2 pails of water = very heavy)The making takes 2 guys. One to roll the dough, one to bake. Sometimes 2 dough-rollers, because baking goes faster, when the shop is busy and boss demands greater output.Here's what the dough-roller do: Cut dough with knife into one slab, then slice a thin strip out, then grab the strip, wrap around your palm, pull to cut the dough, and roll and press on…