Xah's Edu Corner: American History 101: Civil War, KKK, and Emancipation:

In 1861, president Lincoln declared in his inauguration speech: “We must hang together or hang individually”. This statement angered the United Federation states, especially the Ku Klux Klan corporation, who has lobbied against The Bill of Rights for years. A bloody Civil War ensued. Other great powers at the time, Germany, United Empire, Japan, took a opportunistic watch-and-see stance.

In 1865, the Northern states demonstrated the power of Atomic Bomb from its Manhattan Project of New York, but the test target is strategically set in a remote location in California that's ostentatiously neither Northern or Southern territory. This action spoke louder than words. The Americans since understood Lincoln's declaration, and the civil war comes to an end. The Ku Klux Klan eventually got disbanded by Martin Lurther King.

A Disney Future

disney nation mickey no more by bopchara
Mickey no more (2011-05) by bopchara

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On Copyright and its Duration

Copyright: Forever Less One Day (2011-08-23) By Cgp Grey.. @ Source blog.cgpgrey.com

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what's the diff between england, ireland, scotland, britain??

The difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England.

From: The difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England (and a whole lot more) (2011-01-30) By C G P Grey. @ Source blog.cgpgrey.com


Attention Deficit Disorder song

This is how I show my love
I made it in my mind because
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby

This is how an angel dies
Blame it on my own sick pride
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby


Maybe I should cry for help
Maybe I should kill myself
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby

Maybe I'm a different breed
Maybe I'm not listening
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby


Sail with me into the dark

Sail - AWOLNATION, parody.

The song is about attention deficit disorder. Above is a video parody.

For the official music video, and other detail, see: http://xahlee.org/music/sail_awolnation.html

yoga b-boying (breakdancing)

yoga b-boying

More at: Acrobatic B-boying Dance (Breakdancing) Videos

chick porn at its best

In The Service Of The King by Laura Kaye
In The Service Of The King by Laura Kaye.

from New Cover Goodness! #Vampire + Castle + Rope = Woot! (2011-12-01) By Laura Kaye. @ Source laurakayeauthor.blogspot.com

Here's the blurb:

Kael the Fair, one of seven reigning vampire warrior kings, loathes the Night of the Proffering — the night he must feed from a human female virgin to maintain his immortality and his humanity. By feeding directly from the veins of the Proffered as he takes her virginity, Kael could determine whether the mating bond exists between them — but war and a previous loss lead the king to refuse to take a mate. Groomed for the Proffering, twenty-year-old Shayla McKinnon risks her promising academic career to make two other dreams come true — vengeance for her sister's murder at the hands of the evil Soul Eaters and the impossible goal of capturing the Warrior King's heart. In the feeding chamber this night, a battle of wills ensues, one played out through a game of domination and submission that might prove dangerous to both of their hearts.

Xah's analysis:

  • It's not just a powerful man, but the most powerful — a King!
  • It's not just powerful, but a young, virile, hunk — a warrior king!
  • It's not just a warrior king, but posseses magical powers — vampire warrior king.
  • He is not some creepy lonewolf, but a respected, elite, leader — one of seven — and reigning.

This man, feeds AND copulates virgins. He had plenty, but is still looking for that One. Comes the heroine: a 21 years old girl. She, a loving yet able woman, wants this man not just for justice of her sister, but also wants to win his heart!

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Anne Rice's Vampire and Sleeping Beauty

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Time Magazine Covers, USA vs World

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Time Mag 2001-12-05 cover
Time Mag 2001-12-05 cover.

Here's more.

Time Magazine covers USA vs World
Time Magazine covers, USA vs World.

Google Earth Flight Simulator

google earth flight simulator hud
Google Earth Flight Simulator HUD. The left bar is speed, right bar is altitude. Top is direction. Middle is angle (pitch) and roll. (you might need to adjust your window size to see the top bar.)

for detail, see: http://xahlee.org/dinju/Google_Earth_flight_simulator.html


emacs lisp exercise: latitude-longitude-decimalize

This week's emacs lisp exercise, write a function “latitude-longitude-decimalize”.

It should take a string like this: 「"37°26′36.42″N 06°15′14.28″W"」. The return value should be a pair of numbers, like this: 「[37.44345 -6.25396]」.

Feel free to use perl, python, ruby, etc.

2014-01-21 solution collected at Programing: Decimalize Latitude Longitude

effective emacs

Updated: Tips on Long Term Emacs Productivity.

Solar Power: Photovoltaic vs Solar Thermal

Been spending few hours geeking about solar power.

There are 2 primary types: photovoltaic and solar thermal. Photovoltaic is the solar panels we are familiar with. i.e. a flat panel that turns sun ray into electricity directly. (e.g. on your calculator or house roof)

Solar thermal is using reflection to direct sun ray into a focal point, which turns into heat, and in turn generates electricity (usually by steam turbine).

Being a efficiency nerd, my question is, which type is more efficient at massive scale?

There are power plants using either types.

Photovoltaic is rather boring looking. You just have lots of flat panels on the ground. The reflection type is more sci-fi. (e.g. death star).

There are varieties of the reflection design. e.g. reflection parabolic troughs, that focus light into a line. The line is typically a thin oil pipe. This type is still boring to look at. You just have lots trough-like structures on the ground. Quite ugly too. Then there's arrays of flat mirrors on the ground that focus light into a high tower. Then there's giant parabolic dish ones — like a death star — the most eye-catching. See:

My question about efficiency probably involves too many factors to be specified before one could say “which is more efficient”, but anyone got some comments?

Solar Power Architectures Gallery

PS10 solar power tower Spain 2

Solar Power Architectures Gallery


unicode symbols for lock and key

Discovered some interesting Unicode symbols.

  • �� KEY
  • �� LOCK
  • �� OPEN LOCK

I think they are all from Unicode 6.

Giant Parabolic-dish Photo Gallery


Giant Parabolic-dish Photo Gallery


Regular Pohyhedron Domes photo gallery

RMF Radio Dome

Updated: Regular Polyhedron Domes (Geodesic Dome) Photo Gallery.

Emacs: You Have Widescreen? Have Screen Flow Side by Side

Today, most of us use very wide screen. When viewing a long document, you have to page down often. You can make emacs display them side by side, such that left bottom continues to right top. Also, when your cursor moves to the bottom of left pane, it'll appear on the right top. Here's what to do:

Call split-window-horizontallyCtrl+x 3】 (in ErgoEmacs it's 【Alt+$】). Then, call follow-mode.

You can also set the arrow key to scroll instead of moving cursor.

; set up/down arrow to scroll screen by line
(global-set-key (kbd "<up>") (lambda () (interactive) (scroll-down 1)))
(global-set-key (kbd "<down>") (lambda () (interactive) (scroll-up 1)))

You can still move cursor by {【Ctrl+p】,【Ctrl+n】}. (or {【Alt+i】, 【Alt+k】} in ErgoEmacs.)

You can also set to {【Ctrl+】, 【Ctrl+】} instead. Use the syntax (kbd "<C-up>"). (See: Emacs: How to Define Keyboard Shortcuts.)

Thanks to Zhang Tianjin for mentioning this tip.