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Mickey Avalon - Jane Fonda

see here instead:

emacs article update: Emacs's Menu Problem

Updated: 〈Emacs's Menu Usability Problem〉 @

How to choose a keyboard with good function keys

Worst example of function keys. ① Continuous row, no group-gap. ② hard-to-press cheap buttons. Good Function Keys. Quality standard key. Grouped so it's easy to hit the correct key without sight.See explanation at Computer Keyboard: What Are F1 … F12 Keys Used For? Increase Productivity Using Function Keys

Fixing Emacs's Scratch Buffer

Emacs's scratch buffer has lots of problems. This is a controversial issue, because the scratch buffer is one of those things that serves as a identity of emacs. Any criticism on it is like attacking emacs.But i tell you, dear readers, frankly and directly, this is a emacs cult problem and i've wrote about often. (See: Emacs Undo & Emacs Cult ProblemEmacs Idolization: Have You Read the Emacs Manual From Cover to Cover?)For a detailed description of scratch buffer problems, see: Emacs: Problems of the Scratch Buffer.If you are a user of ErgoEmacs Keybinding, the problem is already fixed for you. Simply press 【Ctrl+n】 and new scratch will be created for you, and when you close a modified unsaved buffer, it'll prompt you for save.In ErgoEmacs keybinding, it's implemented by 2 commands: {new-empty-buffer, close-current-buffer}. The “new-empty-buffer” simply creates a new buffer, titled “untitled”, “untitled<2>”, etc. The code for “close-current-buffer” is a bit mo…

English: animalistic cries

today's Wordy English over at animalistic cries!horses neighdonkeys braybulls snorthogs gruntgoats bleatlions roarwolves howlcats meow and purrdogs growl and barkpuppies yelpcan you think of more? and what do human animals do?See:

Python vs Lisp: comp.lang newsgroup spittle

On 2011-12-04, Eduardo Costa asked in comp.lang.lisp:I pose the questions below out of sheer curiosity, not to cause outbursts of indignation. That said, here are my questions.… I noticed that many LISP programmers and universities are switching to Python, even to teach AI. For instance, Norvig and the people at MIT replaced Scheme with Python. My own experience with Python was dismaying. The language is much slower than SBCL. There is no tail call optimization. No macros.  Then, my first question is ... Why Python?…Xah Lee wrote:… python has more readible syntax, more modern computer language concepts, and more robust libraries. These qualities in turn made it popular.Tim Bradshaw wrote:Yet you still post here [comp.lang.lisp]: why?i don't like python, and i prefer emacs lisp. The primary reason is that python is not functional, especially with python 3. The python community is full of fanatics with their drivels. In that respect, it's not unlike Common Lisp community and Sc…

Alexandra Wallace Incident: Asians in UCLA

There's this video on youtube bitching about Asians in UCLA.Alexandra Wallace bitching on AsiansParodyNow, the Parodies!Alexandra Wallace parody by AfricanoBoiShow.for more and my comment, see

ASUS graphics card

“ASUS GTX570 DirectCU II graphics card” amazon

My Life is Reading Encyclopedias

newly generated: Links to Wikipedia from links to Wikipedia articles. About 1/4 of my wake time in my life is spent reading encyclopedias. See also:Encyclopedia, My ExperiencesThe Heart of Wikipedia: Why is Wikipedia Successful?On Wikipedia's MisinformationDeath of Encarta

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

“Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700” amazonThis is top-of-the-line model. Features:Wireless! with charger.13 programable buttons!Scroll wheel can be set to notched or smooth.On-board memory. (5 profiles for storage of settings)Instant sensitivity (DPI) change.Penny sized USB plug.This one is comparable to Microsoft SideWinder X8 mouse. I consider the G700 better, because: • 6 more programable buttons. • On-board memory. • Scroll wheel can be set to notched or of more Logitech gaming mouses at

singer in concert as hologram!

Hatsune Miku painted on a car. img srcHere's her concert, in Tokyo, Japan.“Hatsune Miku - World is Mine Live in Tokyo, Japan”read more, at

Emacs: Convert Image Files and Change Size in Dired

I want a command, so that i can convert all jpg files to png or any other format, for all marked files in dired. Also, same for scaling images.Solution (defunscale-image (fileList scalePercentage) "Create a scaled jpg version of images of marked files in dired. The new names have “-s” appended before the file name extension. Requires ImageMagick shell tool." (interactive (list (dired-get-marked-files) (read-from-minibuffer "scale percentage:"))) (require 'dired) (mapc (lambda (ξf) (let ( newName cmdStr ) (setq newName (concat (file-name-sans-extension ξf) "-s"".jpg") ) (while (file-exists-p newName) (setq newName (concat (file-name-sans-extension newName) "-s" (file-name-extension newName t))) ) ;; relative paths used to get around Windows/Cygwin path remapping problem (setq cmdStr (concat "convert -scale " scalePercentage "% -quality 85% " …

Art: anime girl stepping out of screen!

Hatsune Miku coming out of screen. The original source might be: Source to Gwern Branwen for help.

Microsoft Discontinued SideWinder Gaming Mouse X8

Microsoft sidewinder x8 mouse. amazonIt looks like Microsoft has discontinued its SideWinder Gaming mouse X8. It's quite a pity. This mouse was just introduced in 2009, with several advanced technologies. • Charger with magnetic connector. • Wireless. • Blue laser tracking. • Tilt scroll wheel. • 4000 DPI. For review, see: Microsoft SideWinder Gaming Mouses Review.According to online rumors, Microsoft discontinued it not because of poor sale, but rather, too much competition from many companies that are dedicated to gaming devices. It appears that Microsoft has discontinued the entire SideWinder brand. (i wasn't able to confirm this 100%) Some of the models such as SideWinder X8 mouse are no longer listed on Microsoft's site, but they still sell some other models of gaming keyboard and mouse.What's Mouse DPI; Does Mouse DPI Matter in Gaming?Mouse Wheel: Smooth Scroll vs Notched ScrollBest Mouse for Programers and AutoHotkey Keyboard Macros

Visual Art: Crocodile sex codex


What's the Ugly Bump at the End of Computer USB Cables

In your computer mouse cable, or USB device or monitor cable, often there's one big ugly chunk of cylinder somewhere in the cable. What's that big ugly cylinder for?USB cable Bump. img srcAnswer: It's a electronic component called Ferrite bead. It's used to suppress high frequency noise in electronic circuits. This is needed because cables that are not Shielded can also act as antenna and broadcasting device, creating inteference.Why Apple's computer doesn't have such ugly bump? I guess because either Apple uses shielded cables, or the component is moved to inside the computer.Thanks to Aaron Coakley for answer.

Differences Between Crocodile and Alligator

Left to right: gavial, alligator, crocodile. img srcExcerpt from Crocodilia:While alligators (and caimans) are often confused with crocodiles, they belong to two quite separate taxonomic families.The most obvious external differences are visible in the head — alligators and caimans have wider and shorter heads, and a more U-shaped than V-shaped snout. The alligator's upper jaw is wider than its lower jaw, and the teeth in the lower jaw fit into small depressions in the upper jaw. The upper and lower jaws of the crocodiles are the same width, and teeth in the lower jaw fall along the edge or outside the upper jaw when the mouth is closed. When the crocodile's mouth is closed, the large fourth tooth in the lower jaw fits into a constriction in the upper jaw. For hard-to-distinguish specimens, the protruding tooth is the most reliable feature to define a species. However, in captivity, alligators and caimans may show jaw deformities which result in lower teeth protruding.Alligat…

humor: Mac vs PC


Internet Self-Portraits by Gender

Internet Self-Portraits by GenderSee also: Postures of Female and Male.

art: She Cuts Thru My Heart

by Joseph Wierenga. “She Cuts thru My Heart”See also:Art of Jacquelyn JilekArt of Love