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Sexual Equality but Please Buy Me Dinner and Diamonds


Humor: How to Prepare for a Date

“How To Get Ready For A Date” By JennaMarbles 2011-07-20“smells like desperation”. LOL.New word i learned today: “sweater puppies”.“How To Get Laid” By makemebad35 2010-07-03“Dick No More”. LOL.Alright. Those are jokes. For you geek boys out there, you might as well pick up some serious tips today. Here's one to start you off.What to do when you see an attractive girl?Rush out of sight quietly. Perm URL with updates: Humor: Wrong Hole SongCourtship Humor: What's It Gonna Be? (Video)Sexual Harassment Prevention: Sign Here Before You Have SexSeduction Community as Social EngineeringABBA - Take a Chance on Me; Courtship from Evolution Psychology Point of View

Internet is For Porn; What do Girls do on the Internet?

Starring Cute Girl“The Internet is for Porn” starring a cute girl.What Girls Do On The Internet“What Girls Do On The Internet”. JennaMarbles 2011-06-15read more at

dance music: Andain - Beautiful Things

“Andain - Beautiful Things” amazonUpdated. Dance song: Andain - Beautiful Things

Who wrote the bible?

A exceedingly funny video that's wildly popular.“PamelaForeman Another Question For Atheists [reposted]”TamTamPamala on “Who Wrote Bible?”for several more vids and info, see

Windows: How to Remove “Win 7 Antivirus 2012”

Big warning to you all. I just got hit by a virus on my Windows 7 machine. The virus is called: “Win 7 Antivirus 2012”. (it's a virus that pretends to be a antivirus software)First i describe how to remove it for those of you came here for that. Then i blog about how i got this virus and my PC experiences.What's “Win 7 Antivirus 2012”It's a virus that pretends to be a anti-virus software. It basically screws up your computer, prevents you to run any app, and kept asking with a pop-up dialogue for you pay by credit card for a bogus anti-virus software.Windows: How to Remove “Win 7 Antivirus 2012”The virus cames with several different names. e.g. {“Win 7 Antivirus 2012”, “Win 7 Security 2012 ”, “XP Antivirus 2012”, …}. To remove it, i recommend following this article at:Remove Win 7 Security 2012 (Uninstall Guide) (2011-12-06) By Grinler. @ Source www.bleepingcomputer.comThat article will ask you to download some tools. Do it. I've used their product in the past years. …

Christian and Islam Kills for Blasphemy

Sexual fantasy & Orgy — in Laura Branigan's Self Control

Here's a music video that depicts a fundamental human desire, sex, and orgy. “Laura Branigan - Self Control” amazonFor lyrics, see Laura Branigan - Self Control

Xah's Blogs and Asking for help

Reminder. If you like this blog, you can subscribe to each individual topics:Xah Emacs BlogXah's Programing BlogXah's Web Dev BlogXah's Math BlogXah's Arts BlogXah's Belles-lettres BlogXah's Sex BlogPeriodic Dosage of Xah Lee (misc topics that's not one of the above)Also, a donation is much appreciated. You can also help out by purchasing items from the amazon links on my site. Any item for yourself or gifts for the holiday. Or, tweets, links, are appreciated. My entire site, of 3000+ original articles written over the past 15 years on the above topics, are also available for offline reading for $100. Just make a paypal donation of $100 to with subject “ site zip file”. Thank you!

Total Eclipse of the Heart, parody,

“Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version (REFRAMED)”, by David A Scott (aka dascottjr).If you have a eye for humanity, language, art, then you'll note quite a few things.The original music video is done as a arthouse film. Top quality directing and imagination. Very rare today.The song is about a woman's loneliness and fantasy of sex with boys. A taboo topic in today's USA.The video shows masculine beauty. All the pretty boys. And the swim team, karate, fencing, football, gymnasts. She is the only women in the film.Go thru and understand all the slangs, allusions, references, in the parody version. Parodies, and comics, usually captures the real world observations, pop culture, as they are, because in order to make people laugh, you have to be real. (as opposed to what academicians, politicians, activists, or grammarians, want to tell you about feminism, language, etc.)The parody version has several slangs. “effing” = fucking. Also, there's “felt me up” and “…

CoffeeScript or Dart, Javascript Replacement?

Perm URL with updates: article i agree on:A Case Against Using CoffeeScript (2011-12-10) By Ryan Florence. @ Source ryanflorence.comEvery point he mentioned i agree. Here's some elaborations on some syntax aspects:Don't be a fucking smartass and create a layer of lang on top of a lang and think that you improved it. It introduces complexity.The grammar of syntax should be simple, and each symbol should ideally have one and only one meaning. It should never be context dependent. Syntax should be free-flow of sequence of symbols so it can be automatically formatted.Don't fuck with whitespace like Python and Haskell. Using whitespace for code block makes the semantics of whitespace symbols extremely complicated.If you like whitespace indentation for readability, proper solution is to create a layer of format language (e.g. HTML) instead, like in Mathematica. (e.g. When in a special reader or editor, you have headers…

bubblegum dance: caramell dance

Caramell Dancemore and info at Caramell - Caramel Dancing (Caramelldansen)

Male vs Female, Real World Observations


bubblegum dance music: Butterfly

Butterfly 09 (United Forces Airplay Edit), sung by Veronica Almqvist and Malin Kernby. (2009) - Butterfly (Song from Dance Dance Revolution)

human furniture

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Song: all the same to me, by Anya Marina

A fantastic song by Anya Marina.The word that describe this song's feel would be: lackadaisical.“Anya Marina - All The Same To Me” amazonVery nice music video, directed by Josh Forbes.Anya Marina also sung a sexy version of TI's “Whatever You Like”, made popular by the TV show Gossip Girl. See: Anya Marina - Whatever You Like (Gossip Girl).Another circus-like song is Björk's Unison. Also similar is Lily Allen's Fuck You Very Much. For lyrics, see: Anya Marina - All the Same to Me

Web Browser Tab Management: One Hundred Tabs Open in Browser?

110 tabs open, not sure where the sound is coming from.for tips on tab management, see: