American Bleeding-Hearts: the Forrest Gump Syndrome

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i wrote a lot recently attacking the American Left bleeding-hearts camp (for lack of better term). This is the camp of people that's always pro-active about green, peace, human rights, animal rights, women's rights, (poor) people's rights, help Africa, help the blind, deaf, cripples, … they hang on their mouth all day and night are terms like: rights, justice, racism, sexism, equality. (but they have no heart for anyone they disagree with)

this group is particularly active on social networks, from penniless to affluent guys. (for example, the recent nymwar anti-Google movement is a good example of antics of this camp)

usually i write looong, and tons of articles. (like: eloquent n prodigious!)

but y'know the “tl;dr” syndrome? What's a short version?

it occurred to me, “Forrest Gump Syndrome” is a good epithet to adopt. You know Forrest Gump? A stunted imbecile, but as long as you have a good heart, you will become a millionaire, a sports champion, a war hero, save the world, and get your girl too!

for any social issue, you can easily decide which is the Forrest Gump Choice. Just imagine yourself to be a idiot IQ of 1, but have a GOOD HEART. Then you'll know, the correct policy for a better world!

For long version, see Bertrand Russel's “What I Believe”. Love without Knowledge = disaster. Google it.

Or, also check out FEELINGS OF INFERIORITY (Industrial Society and its Future) by the unabomber.

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