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i started a g+ emacs stream at https://plus.google.com/b/113859563190964307534/ . You might want to join. Here's today's post.

in emacs, once you got on the train and know all the basic concepts, there's 1 most important aspect of increasing efficiency. That is, keyboard shorts (keybindings).

emacs has 3k commands out of the box. Everything is a command, including when you type “a” (self-insert-command). For most frequently used commands, there's a key assigned for it.

by default emacs has 1.3k keybindings!

If we take away ancient impractical ones (for obsolete lisp keyboards), there are few hundred keybindings that are actually useful. Most of us probably use around a hundred or 2.

ok. what i want to say is that for daily operation, assiging keys to commands is probably the most useful in creasing your productivity. Emacs is too big. Everyone has different set of commands that each use frequently. So, if you find yourself typing Meta+x to call a particular command often in past weeks, it's time to give it a hotkey! (if it doesn't already have one; or if you find yourself bending your fingers on the default key sequence.)

if you don't know how to set keys, see:

Emacs: How to Define Keyboard Shortcuts

here's related tips on keys


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