love + lyrics: the night breeze carries our dreams

folks, it's, lyrics appreciation time!

A serenely beautiful song, sung by Sally Yeh (葉蒨文) (b1961).

“葉蒨文 - 晚風”. (standard Chinese)
Title: 晚风 (Night Breeze)
Date: 1984
Singer: 葉蒨文 (Sally Yeh)
Lyrics: 黃霑 (Wong Jim)
Music: 黃霑 (Wong Jim)
English translation: 李杀 (Xah Lee)
晚風中 有你我的夢
擁的那個夢 像一陣風 像一陣風

我心的愛 是否你心的夢
在這借來的橋中 明天的我 明天的你

今晚的風 和明天的夢
是否這個晚上 借來時間 借來晚風
the night breeze carries our dreams
stealing a moment, for a tight embracement
my dream rides this breeze
gently sending scents of love

that which i yearn, is it which you dream
may we borrow a bridge, to connect us
on this bridge, is my tomorrow, and your tomorrow
will us be together, like that moment in the breeze

tonight's breeze, and tomorrow's dream
how much of it remains in your heart
may i borrow time, and borrow the breeze tonight
to deliver my love to you

for Cantonese version, and other info, see:

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