SOPA: Stop or Start Online Piracy Act?

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as most of your know, there's a law coming to US, called SOPA: Stop Online Piracy Act.

you probably heard it online a million times. And i bet you probably read a million words from tech geekers all opposing it. The bottom line sentiment for online crowd like us is this: if SOPA passed, we will no longer get free movies and software from pirate sites, therefore we must stop it.

if you are not a idiot, and is actually concerned about the welfare of human animals other than yourself, then perhaps you should take some time to read facts about what it really is. You may start at Wikipedia: SOPA.

what's my opinion? I think i'm rather against it. Because, in short:

  • ① it's mainly concerned about copyright, in particular, the rights of USA American's work. This i oppose. Because, Copyright years are already too long. It benefits mostly headless mega-billion-dollar corporations. The very very rich executives.
  • ② it gives government more power. US federal government is already too fat with power. With records of the past decade (or recent decades), it's already quite abusive. I say no to giving it more power.

So there, that's my take.

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