Unicode Semantics: Turn A Gundam!

This article discusses a semantics issue of a Unicode character.

Yesterday, i sent 6 hours researching a song: Yoko Kanno - Moon. It's a song from a Japanese animation titled 〈Ɐ Gundam〉, which is read as “Turn A Gundam”.

Turn A Gundam
Turn A Gundam title screen. Note the V merged with G, with G being part of the word Gundam.

However, on Wikipedia they used the Unicode char (U+2200; FOR ALL), not (U+2C6F; LATIN CAPITAL LETTER TURNED A).

So, i spend a total perhaps 30 min on this issue, researching on the issue of which of the two Unicode character is more proper. (that I myself would use on my website. (my writing on my website is pretty meticulous like this.)).

read more at http://xahlee.org/comp/unicode_semantics_turn_a_gundam.html

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