unix idiot's thoughts about what's and what's not unix

when unix problem is described, for example, in the UNIX-Haters Handbook, then, the unix idiots often go like this: “well, that's not unix, that's X11.”, “That's NOT unix, it's just the file system. You should switch to a better filesystem.”. Or, “it's not unix, it's shell. Nobody is forcing you to use tcsh, use zsh!”. Or, “you idiot, the problem you describe is tar. Just change to GNU tar.”. Or, “well, good point, but it's not unix at fault, it's the mach kernel.”.

while, when unix is shown in a positive light, for example, when Apple adopted the BSD's kernel for Mac OS X and marketing it as “UNIX Based”, then unix idiots went: look! even Apple switched to unix!

fucking unix scumbags.

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