Dillo Web Browser: Cave-Dwelling Hackers Crawling Out of the Woodwork

Discovered Dillo, a basic browser.


it's funny. Often, in the elite programing community (meaning: not your typical “i code to earn bread” but more of the “i love coding and am superior” hacker types), you often have a living-in-a-cave phenomenon. You'll often encounter programers crawling out of the woodwork, with obscure and impractical ideas. Dillo is a good example. (other examples are many emacs heads)

let's look at Dillo. So, what is it? Quote from Wikipedia.

Dillo is a minimalistic web browser particularly intended for older or slower computers and embedded systems. It supports only plain HTML/XHTML (with basic CSS rendering) and images over HTTP; scripting is ignored entirely. Dillo is available for Linux, BSD, Solaris, DOS / FreeDOS and Mac OS X. Due to its small size, it is the browser of choice in several space-conscious Linux distributions. Released under the GNU General Public License, Dillo is free software.

that's like a lol. Who will actually find it useful?

this is year 2012. Sure, there are still people on modem and using computers that's 10 years old. But first of all, how many such people exist? probably less than 1/100000 of the internet users.

ok, so if we consider people on modem with old computers, where their computer can't view youtube etc. There's text based browsers such as lynx. Also, they could just use any of {Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE} with javascript turned off. With javascript turned off, web browsing is FAST.

of the modem using poor slobs, if they are not tech savvy, they would never know about Dillo or the like anyway, and would never go downloading it even if told so. And if they DO know tech, they'd know how to turn off javascript in Firefox, with practical result probably a magnitude better than Dillo.

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