Fuck Python. Hello Ruby

Background: coding perl in a day job 1998 to 2002. Learned python in ~2004. Hated perl for its unix drivel and Larry Wall snake oiling shit. (See: Larry Wall and Cults.) I thought python is antidote to perl's ways. It turns out, python is a cult of a different kind. But worse, it is actively anti functional programing. So, if your coding habit is FP, it's a pain in the ass in python. In fact, worse than Perl. Also, python doc is actually WORSE than perl in practice, despite that perl's is intentionally littered with drivels and obfuscations.

Been smelling ruby since the ~2008 Ruby On Rails shit. Heard great things about it from people i trust. But resisted learning it, because i don't plan to spend another few years to learn something that is really the same as perl and python. Plus, ruby didn't support unicode.

but now, since i love langs so much, i don't see reason not to. Latest Ruby support Unicode well now. Never learned much of Python anyway, other than writing some scripts for text processing my site. The precious time that's meant to be spent on something i really should such as OCaml, math proof systems (HOL, Coq) and practical JS/DOM, never really happened that much. And lately been reading more python doc, and am reminded what shit python is.

Ruby the lang, i knew for sure is better than perl and python. The question remains is whether its community is culty. I have a sense it's at least not as bad as perl/python. It's a lang from Japan….

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