Google's Defunct Projects: Google Health, Google PowerMeter

Google Health (2008‒2011). This is envisioned to be a centralized health records system, but nobody wants to use it.

Google PowerMeter (2009‒2011). This is a software that lets you view your energy use. First, you need to install a Smart meter. Then, this is hooked up to google somehow, so you could view your meter usage on a google site, with nice charts.

A normal meter just records your usage, and periodically someone comes to check it and bill you. Smart meter differ from normal meter in that it can record hourly usage and communicate that automatically, to the utility company or to you. So, the data can be analyzed and visualized, almost in real-time.

For a in-depth article of Google's closed-down projects, but very much biased and dramatized, see:

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