In Emacs 24: Any Elisp Script Using copy-directory is now Broken

in emacs 24, there's this major backward-incompatable change

** `copy-directory' now copies the source directory as a subdirectory
of the target directory, if the latter is an existing directory.  The
new optional arg COPY-CONTENTS, if non-nil, makes the function copy
the contents directly into a pre-existing target directory.

this means, all existing elisp scripts will break. (it broke mine)

basically, it's trying to follow the behavior of unix “cp” command. There are 2 problems:

  • ① this is a fundamental change on a language function. It will break any emacs lisp script that uses “copy-directory”.
  • ② the behavior of unix “cp” is actually worse. Emacs's original behavior is more logical and predictable. (See: Idiocy Of Unix Copy Command.)

here's a workaround:

(if (>= emacs-major-version 24)
           (if (file-exists-p toDir)
               (copy-directory fromDir (concat toDir "/../"))
             (copy-directory fromDir toDir) )
         (copy-directory fromDir toDir) )

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