iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Xoom: Pixel Dimension, Resolution, Density

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After staring at a tablet screen for a couple hours, now looking at my PC screen, the resolution is so coarse!

By the way, the term “resolution” usually is used incorrectly. Here's clarification.

  • Pixel Dimension = number of pixels on the screen, width and height. i.e. iPad has 1024 × 768 pixels. (most people (incorrectly) call this “resolution”.)
  • Pixel Density = screen resolution (how fine it can display something). Measured in “pixels per inch” (PPI) or “dots per centimeter”. (this should be what “resolution” means.)

Here's some examples of pixel dimension and density:

NamePixel DimensionsPPIScreen Ratio
iMac 21.5″ amazon 1920×10801021.78
MacBook Pro 15″ amazon 1680×10501281.6
IPad 2 amazon 1024×7681321.33
IPad 32048×15362641.33
Amazon Kindle 1 & 2800×6001671.33
Amazon Kindle DX1200×8241501.46
Kindle Fire amazon 1024×6001691.71
Motorola Xoom amazon 1280×8001601.6
BlackBerry PlayBook amazon 1024×6001691.7
IPhone 4 amazon 960×6403261.5

In general, display for PC usually have a density of 80 to 120 PPI. While tablets is 130 PPI, 150 PPI, phones got 300 PPI.


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