New Emacs Wiki:

A new emacs wiki

started by Bozhidar Batsov (who brought us emacs prelude pack.)

Help contribute!

(also thanks to Alex Schroeder for the huge work on since about 2005!)

I'd much prefer Wikipedia style, the content as well as Wikimedia software. Emacswiki (EW) is just chaotic and often incorrect or outdated info, and there's no impetus to fix those while as a wiki it does have the power to.

for example, while i was looking at yasnippet ~2007. I discovered there's quite a lot template systems already, some are bundled in emacs. Thanks to EW for that. However, aside from just a list of names, it's impossible to know much of anything. I spent a day diving among the chaotic info on EW. If it was like Wikipedia, then, in a hour i'd have read a summary of all template systems, know which exactly are bundled, when, in what emacs version, and also get a summery of their differences, their feature set, and code samples on defining a template with each.

A wiki system can do this, and you all will contribute. Just look at how great Wikipedia have become, its quantity and quality. But i don't understand why Alex refuse to do this. He does not have actually to do anything, all he simply have to do is to edit his guideline/mindset, so all contributor can follow towards that automatically and naturally. He somehow have a mindset that ANY thing ANY user add there is FINE. That's the problem.

(i have written a summary of yasnippet and a couple other entries on EW in the past, trying to summarize it well in Wikipedia style… but rarely do it because either it bit rots or became just more chat again after a while)

the second issue is the wiki software… but that's less important. IF wikimedia (or other more powerful) software is used, then we could have a separate talk/discussion page, or even a entirely separate forum system. Sticking with one-man oddmuse software just won't scale.

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