Paul Graham Keynote at PyCon

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The famous Paul Graham of lisp fame and y-combinator fame, giving a talk at Python Conference, about start up ideas.

Keynote: Paul Graham on Startup Ideas, at PyCon 2012

I watched the whole thing. I can't say i'm impressed at all.

This talk can be divided into 2 parts. Main part, and the QA part.

The first part, is not only not impressive to me, i find it a bit boring and stupid. Paul, is renowned as the wisdom type of guy (as exhibited in his essays, collected in his book Hackers and Painters amazon). The problem with wisdom, as opposed to science, is that wisdom is not too different from bullshit. If you are smart enough, you can be the zen, zen of bullshit, and in history, there are quite a few number of them, who's great wisdom and fame dies the moment they went to their graves.

The QA part, is more interesting, where you can actually see some intelligence in him and his ideas.

The talk is 47 min, the QA starts at 33.

Also of interest… thru-out the talk, he has a habit to utter “hacker”. He is certainly a geek. He also likes to use many of the geek populism terms, such as “meme”. There's certain deep rooted idea in him, about how nerds are the true elites of society, the seed of revolution, and a sense of anti-norms.

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