Ruby is Just Fantastic

Ruby is Just Fantastic

Ruby is just fantastic. Spent a total maybe 4 hours in past days reading its doc/tutorial. Far better than python and perl.

my feeling is exactly the same as Steve Yegge blog on Ruby. Don't like perl? there's python. Why O Why the world needs Ruby? Then, you learn a bit about Ruby and it just blow python and perl off the earth. No wonder it rose up among so many coder geeks. Plus, its doc and tutorial is beautiful. Unlike the perl cult fuck littered with inane litanies, or the python fucks with “comp-sci R Us” incomprehensible fuck.

to be sure, Ruby lang is not too diff from perl/python. If you are a lang aficionado, and already know one of {perl, python, php, javascript}, then there's really not much new in Ruby. You better off to pick up {OCaml, Haskell, Mathematica, erlang, …}.

search Yegge on Ruby to read his blog.

i'll be working on Xah Take of Ruby tutorial now. Starting with strings, perhaps today.

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