A Tale of Hackery: Keyboards with Numberic Keypad Sawed Off

Perm URL with updates: http://xahlee.org/kbd/keyboard_with_numpad_cutoff.html

Many programers find the numeric keypad annoying, because it forces the mouse to be placed far to the right, making the right arm traveling a big distance whenever switching between keyboard and mouse.

A friend was asking about keyboard without the number pad. After text messaging on Facebook to and pro in a day showing links to some such keyboard, then, next thing i knew, he saw'd off his keyboard!

Here's the pics:

sawed off keyboard 584
sawed off keyboard 585
sawed off keyboard 586
sawed off keyboard 587
sawed off keyboard 588

Thanks to David Rogoff for the pics and this tale of hackery.

but folks, DON'T DO THIS to Your Keyboard! A perfect Gaming Keyboard is now ruined. How do you feel if your keyboard wants to saw off your arm?

The number pad is actually quite useful if you are a programer.They provide 17 extra function keys. (See: Increase Productivity Using Function KeysWhy Dedicated keys are better than key combo) I use it heavily, especially in emacs. (for example, to open my bookmarks, i press 7 on numpad, instead of 【Ctrl+x r l】. (See: Emacs: How to Define Keyboard Shortcuts.)) I use AutoHotkey (and Microsoft IntelliType) to program the keys. (see: AutoHotkey TutorialMac OS X Keyboarding Tools.):

If you really want a keyboard without number pad, see: Keyboards Without Numberic Keypad.

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