Try Out Emacs 24 Alpha Release

emacs 24 alpha has been out for a while.

2 months ago i tried it and it crashes when loading linum-mode (show line numbers on left window border)

today i tried again, and it seems smooth, so far. If you want to give it a try, download at:

For Windows users, after download, unzip it. Go to the folder, in the “bin” dir, then click on file in “runemacs.exe” to launch.

it's probably better if you create a Windows shortcut, which lets you set your home dir properly.

to create a file shortcut:

  • ① Hold Alt then drag that 〔runemacs.exe〕 icon to desktop.
  • ② In the newly created alias icon, right click to open file properties. Then, in the “Start in” field, enter %home%.
  • ③ In the “Target” field, you can add your own init files. For example, here's mine: %home%\apps\emacs-24.0.93\bin\runemacs.exe -Q --load=%home%\ErgoEmacs_Source\ergoemacs\ergoemacs\init.el --load=%home%\.emacs. Here, i suppress loading init files by -Q, but load ErgoEmacs init files, then load my personal init files.

For other Windows emacs tips, such as setting up home dir, see: Emacs and Microsoft Windows Tips.

For what's changed in emacs 24, call “view-emacs-news” 【Ctrl+h n】. For a easy-to-read summary, see:

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