Xah Emacs Tutorial News: Some Article Updates, and Thank You

In past months, Jon Snader (jcs) (irreal.org) has gone thru my elisp tutorial and corrected many errors and given me feedback. I really like to say a big thank you to Jon here. Thank you Jon.

Also, i have now and then received donations from people, with encouraging words. Recently got one from a professor from a well-known university. I really like to thank you guys. Some of you sent donation but i know that some are buried in my email that i have not replied. I just want to say here Thank You, whoever may be reading this. I will continue working on the emacs tutorial and ErgoEmacs as usual. Many elisp topics, such as emacs's font system, buffer/frame system, display system, i yet have to explore and write about. Thank you all for the support. And thank you for reading.