Emacs: man for woman?

got this comment.

«You define man as an alias for woman? woman doesn't work all the time, if it fails, how do you invoke man?»

major lol. ☺ (See: Emacs: Defining Alias to Increase Productivity.)

Btw, why doesn't alias man to woman work? I have this alias: (defalias 'man 'woman) but it still calls man when M-x man.

Here's why, answer given by Stefan Monnier:

The reason is that 〔woman.el〕 begins with (require 'man), so when you call man, it autoloads woman, which loads man, which redefines man thus overwriting your defalias.

So, to get what you want, do this:

(defalias 'man 'woman)
(eval-after-load 'woman '(defalias 'man 'woman))