GNU Emacs Bug: find-dired on Filenames with Spaces

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GNU Emacs Bug: find-dired on Filenames with Spaces

when using GNU Emacs, calling find-dired, i got one of this:

  2533274790481547    2 -rwx------   1 h3       None         2994 Apr
28 20:52 xx\ saga\ of\ bsof\ 2011-07-22.html

note the backslash there.

when i move the cursor to that line and press Enter, i get:

dired-get-file-for-visit: File no longer exists; type `g' to update
dired buffer

update doesn't help. Somehow, filenames with spaces causes the problem.

The problem also happens when calling dired-do-query-replace-regexp Q. It'll stop dead reporting file doesn't exist.

What could possibly be the problem?

GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt6.1.7601) of 2012-04-23 on MARVIN

(if starting emacs with -Q, then another problem occur. It calls Microsoft cmd.exe's find.

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