Keyboard Geeking: Backspace or Not Backspace? (Keys for Goto Previous Page in Windows and Linux)

in linux, the Backspace key is not used for goto previous page. e.g. in Google Chrome or Firefox. The keys are 【Alt+】 and 【Ctrl+[】.

On Windows, you can use ⌫ Backspace. And 【Shift+⌫ Backspace】 for forward. (Apple Mac also adopted this around 2006)

Xah Analysis: the Windows key is superior. (Sorry tech geekers of the unix faction.)


The Backspace is not as logical. It's like, WTF? Backspace is for deleting backward. Especially so when you are posting a comment. The 【Alt+‹left/right arrow›】 or 【Ctrl+‹square brackets›】 are more logical.

But the Backspace is more convenient, ergonomic, because it is a single key, and a big key.

The operation for “goto previous page” is one of the most needed key. Perhaps in top 5. (among {page up/down, goto file top/bottom, prev/next tab, close tab})

For such frequently needed key, convenient/ergonomic has far more priority than logicality.

Detail at: Keyboard Shortcut Design: Dedicated keys, Special Buttons, Extra Keys

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