Large Scale Software Development with Elisp

Scheme Lisp is Coming to Emacs!

(meeting - Tue Apr 10 19:00 - Rocky Bernstein: Large Scale Software Development with Elisp)

He lives in relative obscurity yet his software is used daily by millions. Rocky Bernstein, former IBM Researcher, Chaitin co-author and 30 year developer walks us through a mosaic of development techniques focusing on personal software scalability.

The long time Free Software developer is best known for his decade of debugger development using Emacs Grand Unified Debugger as a front-end for his other works:

  • Ruby Debugger (ruby-debug)
  • Python Debugger (pydb)
  • Perl Debugger
  • POSIX Shell Debuggers for bash, Korn Shell, zsh and GNU Make

Additionally, Rocky is the author of libcdio: the GNU CD I/O and ControlLibrary. Allowing multimedia assessing of CD-images (includingISO-9660) in an OS and device-independent way, it is used in FreeBSD, NetBSD and nearly every Linux distribution.

Meetup HQ, 9th Floor (
632 Broadway

Official announcement:

Slashdot news: Guile Scheme Emacs-Lisp Compatibility Matures @ Source

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